Proper Handling and Care of Your New Specs

Proper Handling and Care of Your New Specs


So, you just finished your eye exam and have taken home your shiny new glasses. Proper care and cleaning techniques are crucial to keeping those new specs scratch and damage free.

Here are some guidelines to keep your frames comfortable and looking good:

  • Over time, your new frames may need re-adjusting. Feel free to stop by your eye doctor and optical provider to get them ‘tuned-up’!
  • Make sure you are using both hands to remove and put on your glasses.
  • If they are not on your face, put them in the case!
  • Never use your clothing to wipe your lenses clean. Warm soap and water work best if you do not have spray cleaner and a cloth.
  • Never leave your glasses in a hot car especially in the summertime. Also, remove your glasses before opening an oven. Heat can cause damage called crazing, which can wear away the coating of the lenses.

Ask your friendly neighborhood optician for other techniques to make your shiny glasses stay looking brand new!


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