What Happens At A Laser Eye Surgery Consultation With An Optometrist

September 22, 2021
What Happens At A Laser Eye Surgery Consultation With An Optometrist

Laser eye surgery is an elective surgery that can dramatically enhance the quality of life for eligible patients. After a LASIK procedure, there is minimal downtime and people can return to a new normal that no longer includes eyeglasses or contact lenses.

There are numerous measurements and conditions your optometrist will have to determine before you can be referred for LASIK eye surgery. Not everyone is eligible for the procedure, therefore a comprehensive eye exam is required first. If you are wondering what your LASIK consultation might look like, here is what you can expect.

During the actual LASIK procedure, lasers are used to access the cornea and reshape it accordingly based on your vision problems: for near-sighted people, the cornea is slightly flattened and for farsighted people, the curve of the cornea is increased. With these small changes, light can now enter the eye at a better angle towards the retina, providing improved vision for patients. 

Before this minimally invasive surgery can happen, several tests will be conducted, and factors will be considered such as your eyeglass prescription and the overall health of your eyes. Here are some key components to expect at your laser eye surgery consultation:

Eyeglass prescription: one of the first things your eye doctor will do is determine your eyeglass prescription and the refractive error affecting your eyesight. Refractive error is a blanket term used to describe 3 different vision problems: nearsightedness, farsightedness and or astigmatism. During this part of the consultation, your pupils will be dilated to view the interior of your eyes and the focusing mechanism, allowing your doctor to have an accurate measurement of your refractive error.

Corneal topography: your eye doctor will perform a corneal topography on your cornea to review its thickness, shape and if it is healthy enough for the procedure. This is achieved by using rings of light and generating a 3D image of your eyes, like that of an MRI. 

Wavefront analysis: your optometrist will conduct a test using the same light waves used during a LASIK procedure, to uncover any other abnormalities of your eye. This is done by reviewing how light waves refract from your eye.

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At the end of your consultation, your optometrist will do a review of your complete medical history to make a final decision as to whether you are eligible for a LASIK referral. Many people with no major risk factors will qualify for this life-altering procedure that will have you seeing life through a brand-new set of eyes! Contact one of the highly skilled eye doctors at any one of our 3 Calgary locations: Sunridge, NE, Sundance, SE, or Three Hills by filling out the website form below, or calling the location that is nearest to you.


Q: Does my optometrist perform laser eye surgery after my consultation?
A: The optometrist conducting your consultation does not perform the actual surgery. The results of the tests outlined above are sent over to the LASIK eye surgery clinic and you will be contacted to book your procedure with them.

Q: What will my vision be like after LASIK surgery?
A: Most people will achieve 20/20 vision or higher after a successful laser eye surgery procedure. The vast majority of people no longer require glasses or contacts, or if they do, their prescription is drastically lower. There is a slight chance you would require a second procedure for additional correction.

Q: Is LASIK painful?
A: Prior to the procedure your eyes will be numbed with anesthetic drops. While your eyes will be open for the procedure, there is no pain associated with it.

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