Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses
A contact lens is a thin piece of material that is placed on the front surface of the eye, or the cornea, to correct vision or for therapeutic purposes. Contact lenses are considered to be medical devices, and your optometrist can ensure you are able to wear them safely for years to come.

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My Optometrist Calgary has a wide assortment of regular and specialty contact lenses for our patients to choose from. We also provide comprehensive contact lens exams, which help determine the best and most comfortable contact lens for you and your unique set of circumstances. Whether you've worn contact lenses your whole life or are completely new to them, My Optometrist Calgary can help put you in the perfect pair so you can see life clearly again. 

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Which Type Of Contact Lenses Are Right For Me?
Which Type Of Contact Lenses Are Right For Me?

The Different Types OF Contact Lenses Soft Contact Lenses These are the most common type of contact lenses and are widely considered the most comfortable. Soft contact lenses are ideal for the majority of Canadians and for people without astigmatism. Soft contact lenses allow oxygen to get to the cornea, which is good for corneal health as well as comfort. If you are unsure what type of contac

August 7, 2022
Contact Lens Care In The Summer Months
Contact Lens Care In The Summer Months

4 Ways To Protect Your Contact Lenses In Summer 1. Wear UV Blocking Sunglasses These will help protect you twofold: the glasses themselves will keep wind, sand, and other elements away from your contact lenses and the UV blocking will protect your eye health. In the summer, wearing sunglasses will help to avoid eye strain, since being in the sun causes us to naturally squint and strain our eye

June 15, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

For many individuals, contact lenses are chosen to provide a cosmetic alternative to glasses. Others find that contact lenses are beneficial for functional purposes. For example, contact lenses typically provide better peripheral vision when compared with glasses, especially for those who have higher prescriptions, and they do not collect moisture when outdoors the way spectacle lenses do. Additionally, contact lenses provide more flexibility for individuals who want to wear sunglasses or goggles without fitting them with prescription lenses. For these reasons, contact lenses are a great choice for sports and outdoor activities. In addition, contact lenses are often a successful solution for those suffering from keratoconus, or from the effects of corneal injuries or imperfections, since they provide better vision for these individuals than glasses.

A contact lens is a thin piece of material that is placed on the front surface of the eye, or the cornea to correct vision or for therapeutic purposes. Contact lenses are considered to be medical devices, and they are used by millions of people worldwide.

Whether you are new to contact lenses and want to try them for the first time, or you already wear them and want to update your contact lens prescription, be sure to let us know when you schedule your appointment. This ensures that your doctor will not only have time to perform your comprehensive eye exam if needed, but also the time to discuss your wishes and preferences, and to perform the additional tests needed for a thorough contact lens fitting or assessment.

In addition to the procedures performed during a comprehensive eye exam, a contact lens exam at My Optometrist Calgary involves:

  • A review of your lifestyle and wants and needs with respect to contact lenses.
  • A discussion of your contact lens options, for example daily disposable lenses, overnight wear lenses, bifocal or multifocal lenses, coloured lenses, or specialty lenses to address the effects of corneal disease or prior injury.
  • Measurement of the curvature of the cornea in order to select the most appropriate lens for your corneal size and shape.
  • Measurements of your pupil and iris size to ensure proper contact lens selection.
  • Evaluation of your tear film.
  • Assessment of the contact lens fit and vision through the contact lens.

If it is your first time trying contact lenses, or if you are trying a new lens, you may be asked to try your lenses for a few days to see how they work for your daily activities, and to schedule a follow-up appointment. If you have never worn contact lenses before, we will teach you how to safely insert and remove your lenses, and how to properly take care of them before you leave. At subsequent appointments, your experience wearing the contact lenses will be reviewed, the vision through the contact lens and the fit will be re-assessed, and the health of your corneal surface will be evaluated. Once contact lenses have been selected that fit properly, provide clear vision, are comfortable for you to wear and successfully insert and remove, your optometrist can complete your contact lens prescription.

If you are having difficulty with the vision or comfort in your contact lenses, please contact us to have the fit of your contact lenses and your eye health assessed. Otherwise, we recommend annual comprehensive exams for our contact lens patients. Routine examinations allow us to regularly monitor the health of your eyes, and ensure that you are wearing the right contact lenses for your vision, lifestyle, and eye health.

  • A comprehensive eye exam in Calgary has a few procedures that are required such as:
  • Overall review of family health and personal health history or history of eye issues.
  • Distance and near vision evaluation via eye chart.
  • Eye pressure test and optic nerve examination (to rule out glaucoma).
  • Near vision testing.
  • Test for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.
  • Eye exam on ability to work together (both eyes).
  • Exam of eye interior.
  • As well as everything listed in the previous FAQ “what happens at a contact lens exam?”

Interested in one of our eye exams in Calgary? Many people in Canada don’t get the proper eye care they need and that can leave them at greater risk of undetected vision problems. It is important to keep your prescription up to date as this highly affects your eye health and wellness. Ready for an eye exam in Calgary? Schedule an appointment today.

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