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My Optometrist Calgary is proud to carry all the leading brands and styles when it comes to eyeglass frames. We also have a wide variety of contact lenses and other eye care products to choose from, such as eye drops and dry eye kits to better help with your vision care. Please take a moment to browse through our online catalogue and let us know if you see something you like. And if you can't seem to find what you're looking for, give us a shout and we'll do what we can to get it in stock. 

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My Optometrist Calgary carries all the leading brands and styles for eyeglass frames, including Ray Ban, Etnia Barcelona, Tiffany, Tom Ford, Coach, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Dior, and many more. We also have a wide variety of contact lenses and eye care products to help with your vision care. This includes eye drops and dry eye kits. Take a moment to browse our online catalogue and let us know if you see something that catches your eye.

Brands We Carry

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Burberry eyewear designs have signature shapes and colours that vary each season. The signature burberry print can be found on most of their designer frames.


The collection of eyewear at Coach embodies a lifestyle that has stood the test of time. The style and design behind each pair of glasses, appeals to those who like understated glamour that can be worn every day.


As a symbol of Italian fashion throughout the world, Dolce & Gabbana proves its eyewear line is just as creatively eclectic as its clothing line.


Named after the family-owned business Erker’s Fine Eyewear, which has a rich St. Louis history that dates back five generations to 1879, Erkers 1879 has been worn by sports broadcasters such as Harry Caray, athletes Shaquille O’Neal and Mark McGuire and celebrities Will Smith and John Goodman.  Each frame is handcrafted in Korea and made from the highest grade Italian acetate and premium German hinges.

Easyclip is the brand that is perfect for children who are prone to breaking their glasses. These frames are durable, bendable, and known for thei magnetic clip-on glasses.

A bold brand that is internationally recognized for its signature sophisticated frames, that are both light-weight and high quality.

At Etnia we craft our story through our work with legends of the world of art and photography” We design exclusive textures and colors for each new season bases on our analysis of trends our inspiration comes from the art world.

This Italian fashion house was founded on timeless haute couture designs. The iconic eagle logo on every pair of frames is a reminder of this brand's luxury.

This durable eyewear collection features styles that are reliable, comfortable, conservative, and accommodate progressive lenses. Targeted to men and women ages 45 and older, Sàfilo Elasta® caters to middle- and upper-middle-income households across the country. Each high-quality frame boasts the exclusive Sàfilo Elasta® spring hinge, which has become the industry benchmark for design, flexibility, and ruggedness.


FYSH is an eyewear brand that is widely identified by its theme of individuality and self-expression. FYSH frames are motivated by the natural beauty of the sea and latest fashion trends.

Face a Face draws its inspiration from modern art, architecture and contemporary design. Bold and colourful Face a Face expresses its self through the unique use of color and style.


Guess glamorizes youth and energy within their eyewear collection. It is a brand that never disappoints fashion mavens.


Hugo Boss is a brand for self-confident men and women who want innovative, yet classic designs and superior quality for a perfect look to suit every occasion.


This brand is an exclusive line of fashion-forward eyewear for men and women who appreciate budget-friendly designs.

Kate Spade has grown increasingly popular because its style caters to a classy "everyday" look. It is the perfect combination of femininity and affordability.


Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Gwen Stefani launched L.A.M.B. eyewear in January 2016.  The brand itself, which is an acronym for Love Angel Music Baby, started out as a design project in her kitchen in 2003 and has grown into a much-loved lifestyle brand.  L.A.M.B. is defined by Gwen’s innate sense of style which features a perfect mash-up of classic Hollywood movie star glamour and modern street influences.  Gwen is directly involved in the design of each frame.

Always on the lookout for the latest innovations, Morel delights in surprises, designing glasses that are astonishing and comfortable with cutting-edge designs. This spirit is particularly apparent in its Lightec collection: pure concentrated technology!


At MODO they are driven by the desire to the perfect balance between style and function. Defined by slim silhouettes, innovative materials, and simple constructions, the MODO collection combines design and function to present unbeatable lightness and lasting quality.

Michael Kors has a distinctive collection inspired by the eyewear needs of contemporary women. The collection offers a variety of designs that suit every aspect of their busy lives.

Maui Jim is a brand that aims to embody a classic look with a modern twist. It has lens technology that makes colours shine and details much crisper, while eliminating the glare of harmful UV rays.


NW77th was created by Erker’s Fine Eyewear, a family-owned business with a rich St. Louis history that dates back five generations to 1879.  NW77th was launched in 2013 and is designed by opticians.  NW77th eyewear caters to the urban chic lifestyle, by bringing together all of the things that make life interesting, fun, fresh, and exciting.

Nanovista is an eyewear brand with glasses made of thermo-adjustable material and exclusive patented siliflex material. These frames might be the perfect fit for your child.


As one of the pioneers of popular eyewear, Oakley paved the way for glasses with purpose. These glasses or goggles are designed for high performance in sports and outdoor activities.

The Öga collection is inspired by Scandinavian design, particularly the concept of functionality. Between their mysterious construction and architectural lines, the eyewear in the Öga collection leave nothing to chance!


Polo Ralph Lauren is the enduring symbol of modern-day American lifestyle. Playing with a mix of the latest shapes and colors, It`s the house of young and fresh looks.

Founded in Milan in 1913, Prada has become one of the most iconic fashion labels in the world. Their selection of frames does not disappoint.


Ray Ban has a reputation for bringing back some of the most classic looks. Their products are known for durability, affordability, and style.


Handcrafted in Chicago, USA, with premium global components such as Italian acetate and Japanese titanium, STATE frames are a genuine expression of your distinct style and personality. Designer Nico Roseillier draws from both classic American styling and high fashion while boldly challenging convention.

The Superflex collection is an affordable lifestyle collection that caters to all market segments. Designs range from elegant classics to contemporary for both men and women. All frames are designed with spring hinges temples for added comfort, fit and durability.

Stepper Eyewear is the brand in the world of optics that has achieved its merits by its dedication to the creation of outstanding glasses and to the close professional relationship with opticians. 1970 the company was founded in Germany as a joint venture between an expert in plastic moulding technology and Hans Stepper a graduated optician. Comfort comes from understanding the anatomy of the face and creating a frame that works in harmony with the contours.

Initially a shoe designer, Salvatore Ferragamo has become an esteemed brand in the fashion world. Not only is the eye wear collection playful and colorful, but it captures details belonging to a chic heritage.

Silhouette eyewear emphasizes a level of practicality and durability. It is based on a simplistic idea of beauty and harmony, posing as a benchmark for style and comfort since the 1960s.


Ted weaves quality, ingenuity and mischief into every piece. Mixing retro influences with contemporary flair, his eyewear collections are best described as quirky yet commercial, with a focus on high quality design detailing. Ted's eyewear is unique, refined and trendy but – like the man himself – never dares take itself too seriously: one only needs to look closer to discover the undercurrent of humor which runs throughout the collection.

Tiffany & Co. has a timelessness that is not captured by many designers. Tiffany creates glasses with elegant designs for any occasion.

Tom Ford is a fashion icon that never fails to capture the latest trends. As a brand known for its modern energy, Tom Ford's eyewear collection is the perfect example of bold, American glamour.


Make what you wear your statement of style: show with confidence your feminine flair with the provocative and retro-inspired shapes of this glamorous collection. 

Versace is one of the world's most famous fashion brands with his iconic Medusa and golden Greek Key. The Versace brand is known for its innovative designs having symbolic flashy prints and bright colors.


Named after Yuichi Toyama himself, an optical designer with 25 years of experience, Yuichi Toyama frames are handcrafted in Sabae in Fukui Japan with the highest grade, lightweight titanium.  Yuichi Toyama eyewear is simple but unique, expressing individuality without following trends.


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