Visual Field Analysis

Visual Field Analysis
Visual field testing allows the patient to be tested on the peripheral portions of their retina (and therefore their peripheral vision) and their sensitivity to light. When abnormalities are detected in the visual field test, this can be indicative of optic nerve damage and other neurological conditions such as the possibility of multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, and strokes. Detecting conditions before they develop in turn, can affect a patient's health and understanding appropriate prevention methods for each patient. Both of the following testing methods focus on measuring a patient’s response to the presence of an object in differing areas of the visual field. If a patient is unable to see an object’s proportions appropriately, this could be indicative of vision loss.

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Frequency Doubling Technology (FDT)
This screening test is used to determine how well a person’s central and peripheral vision is functioning. This test maps the visual fields of each eye and allows your optometrist to determine if there has been a loss of peripheral vision. It is incorporated into all adult and senior eye exams.

Humphrey Visual Field Test
This test is an example of static perimetry, which helps doctors determine the presence of blind spots and the onset of eye diseases. The field test assesses the full horizontal and vertical range of a patient’s peripheral vision. This test is used when neurological or ocular disorders are suspected, especially if errors show up on the FDT result.
Since many eye and brain disorders can be attributed to loss in peripheral vision, this test allows our doctors to locate and prevent further damage and development of abnormalities.

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