3 Eye Clinics to serve you Better

  • Health First Optometry
    *new location for health plus and south calgary eyecare - now health first optometry!
  • Sunridge Vision Centre
  • Three Hills Optometry

About My Optometrist Calgary

Are you searching for optometrists in Calgary? My Optometrist Calgary, a group of full-scope, progressive optometric practices, was founded in 1982 with an innovative idea at the time: the focus of vision care needed to go beyond the structure of the eye itself and take into account the patient as a whole. Dedication to this idea led to the development of Health Plus Optometry in 1990, an advanced optometric practice located within the multidisciplinary Health Plus Medical Centre in the southern Calgary community of Midnapore. For an appointment with an eye doctor in Calgary, feel free to contact us.

Belief that patients’ lives dramatically improve with better access to complete health care, and success of the Health Plus Optometry model, led to the formation of South Calgary Eyecare in the South Calgary Medical Centre, Sunridge Vision Centre in the Sunridge Professional Centre, and Three Hills Optometry in the small town of Three Hills, Alberta.

Looking for an optometry in Calgary? At My Optometrist Calgary, not only do we believe in the importance of uncomplicated access to health care, but we deeply believe that knowledge is power. By educating our patients, we aim to empower them to manage their eye health and to make informed choices about their visual devices.

By continuing to educate ourselves, we are able to provide high-quality vision care with an emphasis on prevention. Our commitment to preventative vision care and integrated health care allows us to welcome consultation and collaboration with other members of your health care team. The marriage of these principles not only leads to better outcomes where visual health is concerned, but for overall health and wellness too. Ready to schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors in Calgary? Get in touch with us.

Mission and Values

At My Optometrist Calgary, our mission is to improve the lives of our patients with our optometry in Calgary.

Commitment to our mission guides us and informs every decision we make, from how we take care of our patients from the moment they arrive in our clinic to the moment they leave, to how we decide on the most appropriate and customized therapeutic protocols for our patients.

Our passion for what we do motivates us not only to continually educate ourselves so we are able to offer the most current treatments and products, but also to devote our time to giving back to the local and global community.

At the end of the day, we feel that our patients should leave our My Optometrist Calgary clinics better than when they entered, and this is not just a philosophy that we have at work, but it’s how we lead our lives outside the office too. Making lives better: not just our slogan, but our way of life. Think our Calgary optometry could benefit you? Let us know.

Life at My Optometrist Calgary

  • 1. We treat our patients the way we want to be treated – This is our mantra. After all, isn’t this what life is really all about?
  • 2. We give back – Serving our community is the heart and soul of My Optometrist Calgary: from donating blood regularly, to performing exams at local nursing homes, to traveling to faraway countries to give the gift of sight to those who don’t have easy access to vision care.
  • 3. Life is too short, so have fun living it – At My Optometrist Calgary, we genuinely love and enjoy our work, and we believe that a little bit of fun should be involved in everything we do. We hope you think so too!