In the digital age, our eyes are constantly under stress from screens and devices. Whether it's smartphones, computers, or tablets, our eyes are subjected to a barrage of high-energy, artificial blue light and visual stressors that can lead to a range of discomforts and even long-term vision problems. Neurolens®, a groundbreaking technology, is revolutionizing eye health and comfort. We'll explore the world of Neurolens® and how it's changing the way we think about eye care.

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What is Neurolens®?

Have you been experiencing any of the following symptoms?

  • Eye Strain
  • Difficulty Seeing
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Intolerance to Progressive Lenses
  • Migraines
  • Neck Pain
  • Post Concussion Syndrome

You may be suffering from eye misalignment. The strain on our eyes has reached unprecedented levels, with up to 80% of adults encountering the discomforting symptoms associated with eye misalignment.


The Dynamic Duo: How Your Eyes and Brain See Images
Two eyes, one seamless vision: Your brain skillfully merges images from each eye to create a unified picture. This camera-like precision ensures each eye captures a distinct photo, contributing to the combined visual experience.

The Harmony of Aligned Vision
With aligned eyes, the fusion of images occurs effortlessly. This seamless communication persists whenever both eyes are open. However, in the case of misalignment, the brain must manually combine images from each eye. This constant adjustment stimulates the trigeminal nerve, potentially causing symptoms associated with trigeminal dysphoria including: 

 Addressing Eye Misalignment and Its Symptoms At The Source With Relief is in sight with Neurolens®!
Experience a groundbreaking solution with Neurolens®—a revolutionary lens designed to correct misalignment and alleviate symptoms of trigeminal dysphoria.

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Neurolens® represents a groundbreaking advancement in the field of vision care, offering a proven  solution to common eye discomfort and strain. Developed through the collaborative efforts of leading eye care professionals and neuroscientists, this innovative technology is at the forefront of addressing visual challenges associated with eye misalignment and lifestyles.


2 Steps To Instant Relief With Neurolens®

Step 1: Comprehensive Diagnosis

Step 1: Comprehensive Diagnosis

Neurolens® is revolutionizing the way we address digital eye strain and related discomforts. The process begins with a comprehensive diagnosis at our office, where we delve into your visual experiences and symptoms. This includes a detailed symptom intake evaluation to understand your specific challenges, such as headaches, eye strain, migraines, and discomfort associated with prolonged screen time and close-up work. But what sets Neurolens® apart is its sophisticated computerized alignment assessment. This cutting-edge technology goes beyond standard eye examinations. It meticulously analyzes how your eyes react when engaging with digital screens and performing close-up tasks. This step is crucial in identifying any misalignments or stress patterns in your vision that conventional exams might overlook.

Step 2: Custom Lens Design

Step 2: Custom Lens Design

Once your eye behavior is thoroughly understood, the journey towards relief begins with the design of custom lenses. Neurolens® tailors lenses specifically for your eyes. These extraordinary lenses are infused with a precise amount of prism correction, meticulously calculated based on your unique visual alignment needs. This customization is key to addressing the root cause of your discomfort.

The true magic of Neurolens® lies in the instant relief it offers. By wearing these custom-designed glasses, you can immediately experience a significant reduction in the symptoms of digital eye strain. The tailored prism correction in the lenses works to realign your vision, easing the strain on your eyes and brain. This means fewer headaches, less eye strain, and a marked decrease in migraines and overall discomfort. It's not just about seeing better; it's about bringing your eyes back to a state of natural comfort and harmony, especially in our screen-dominated world. Neurolens® represents a leap forward in eye care. Take the quiz below to see if you are a good fit for these revolutionary lenses.


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Discover a new realm of comfort and clarity with Neurolens®, an innovative ophthalmic solution that goes beyond traditional lenses. Unlock relief from dry eyes, headaches, eye strain, light sensitivity, neck pain, and dizziness, as testified by individuals who have experienced life-changing results. Neurolens® stands out as a game-changer, addressing a range of symptoms and significantly improving overall vision. Your vision benefits are applicable to Neurolens®, just as they are with any other ophthalmic lens. So don't let discomfort hold you back—take the Neurolens® quiz today to see if you're a candidate for this revolutionary technology. Alternatively, book an assessment with My Optometrist Calgary experience clarity in vision and in wellness.

Relief from Dry Eyes

"Before using Neurolens®, I suffered from severe dry eyes, causing pain by the end of the day. At times, my eyes became so dry that looking at screens or reading would result in blurred vision. Despite having tried 10 or 11 pairs of glasses in the past, Neurolens® stands out as a game-changer, effectively addressing all symptoms, not just improving vision." 

Relief From Headaches

"Frequent headaches and shoulder tension from prolonged computer use were challenges for me until I discovered Neurolenses®. After discussing my symptoms during an appointment, I began wearing these lenses, and the headaches vanished. This relief has been transformative, eliminating the need for daily medication and providing a headache-free solution for my computer-intensive work."

Relief from Eye Strain

"Before using Neurolens®, I experienced significant eye strain, especially during long hours of computer work, even with glasses. Despite my prescription, I faced blurry vision, headaches, and exhaustion by the end of the day. Reading, texting, and driving became challenging as words were unclear, regardless of my prescription strength. Although the cost was not covered by insurance, the relief provided by Neurolenses® has proven invaluable, and I would willingly pay double for the positive impact they've had on my daily life."

Relief From Light Sensitivity

"Nighttime driving became challenging as lights appeared distorted with a prism effect. As a preschool teacher, wife, and mother of two, this visual issue impacted my ability to function. The frustration of navigating without answers was alleviated when I discovered Neurolens®. It has been my solution, providing clarity and meaning to my daily life."

Relief From Neck Pain

"Neck strain while reading in the afternoon was a challenge for this patient until they opted for Neurolenses®. Within a few days of wearing the lenses, the neck strain disappeared, and they felt more in control of their afternoons. The glasses became a welcome substitute for breaks, providing significant relief and a positive impact on their overall well-being."

Relief From Dizziness

"After suffering from dizziness and double vision for four years, the speaker found relief with neural lens glasses suggested by their optometrist. The glasses helped them bring their eyes together and regain their ability to walk and drive without staggering or seeing double, providing a great feeling of relief and improvement."

Is Neurolens® Right For Me?

Neurolenses® are available in single vision, computer, and progressive designs. All of which are made with ultra premium materials and are glare free. You can also add Transitions® for UV protection, and a blue-light filter to your Neurolens® to protect your eyes from harmful blue-light emitted by digital devices by up to 93% .

By focusing on the individual's specific visual alignment needs, Neurolens® provides a personalized solution that goes beyond mere vision correction. The instant relief experienced by users, in terms of reduced headaches, eye strain, migraines, and general discomfort, is a testament to the effectiveness of these custom-designed lenses. This relief not only enhances visual comfort but also improves overall quality of life, allowing users to engage with digital devices and perform close-up tasks with greater ease and less discomfort. As we continue to navigate a world increasingly dominated by screens, Neurolens® offers a forward-thinking and practical solution, ensuring our eyes are not only healthy but also comfortable in the digital age. Its role in modern eye care is not just corrective but also preventative, paving the way for a future where eye health is in harmony with our digital lifestyles.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Neurolens® technology utilizes advanced assessments to create custom lenses that correct for your unique eye misalignment, providing relief from eye strain.

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Yes, Neurolenses® have been proven effective in reducing the frequency and severity of migraines and tension headaches.

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To determine if you're a good candidate for Neurolenses, you can take the quick quiz on our website or schedule an eye exam with our clinic.

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Pricing will vary based on prescription. However, Neurolens® guarantees you will experience significant reductions in your symptoms or you get your money back. No medical treatment can promise complete resolution of all symptoms, but 93% of patients reported symptom relief after wearing Neurolens®.

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Your vision benefits are applicable to Neurolens®, just as they are with any other ophthalmic lens.

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