The Expanding Role Of IPL Treatment For Dry Eye Syndrome (DES)

April 20, 2021

Even when you are not crying, your eyes are constantly lubricated with tears. Tears are critical to providing moisture and ensuring your eyes are clean and comfortable. Dry Eyes are often ignored compared with other eye-related problems such as vision loss. But Dry Eyes can cause serious discomfort and irritation, affecting your performance and enjoyment of life. New technological advancements allow doctors to treat Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) without having to rely on the prolonged use of artificial tears or ointments. IPL (Intense Pulse Light Therapy) offers a quick and immediate solution to Dry Eye so you can get back to your regular lifestyle without any downtime.

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Dry Eye Categories

MGD is considered a significant factor in many cases of Dry Eye Syndrome. The meibomian glands are responsible for producing an oil called meibum which is one of three layers of lubrication in the eye. Meibomian Glands are tiny oil glands that line up along the margin of the eyelids and secrete oils to prevent the aqueous lubricant layer on our eyes from evaporating. Any change to the quality or amount of oil in the glands will allow quick evaporation of moisture in the eye. Another common cause of MGD are clogged glands resulting in the inability to produce sufficient oil to help keep the eyes lubricated.

Lacrimal glands are the tear-producing glands located in the corners of the eyes. These glands are responsible for lubricating the eyes with an aqueous solution to ensure the eye is clean and protected from any external debris or microorganisms. Issues related to inadequate Lacrimal Gland function are often managed by artificial or prescription eye drops. 

If you are experiencing any symptoms relating to Dry Eyes, connect with My Optometrist Calgary to receive a diagnosis and explore treatment options.

Is There A Cure For Dry Eyes?

There is no permanent solution to curing Dry Eye Syndrome. There are, however, alternative treatments to help eyes retain moisture and reduce symptoms associated with Dry Eye Syndrome. The management of DES is centered around maintaining the adequate function of the tear film while also minimizing any environmental triggers. Treatments are tailored specifically to your condition and can include:

The Benefits Of IPL Treatments For Dry Eye Syndrome

IPL treatment is most commonly associated with dermatology concerns such as rosacea and uneven pigmentation of the skin. But with recent advancements in technology, IPL treatment has become one of the most effective solutions for managing Dry Eye symptoms. IPL treatments heat the meibomian glands and encourage the expression of the oil meibum to help prevent the loss of moisture on the eye. The scattered wavelengths are selectively absorbed by blood vessels which results in the coagulation and destruction of vessels, eliminating any signs of inflammation. IPL treatments provide patients with many benefits such as:

Am I A Good Candidate For IPL Treatment?

Before seeking IPL treatment, visit your optometrist to receive a comprehensive eye exam to properly diagnose the cause of your Dry Eye symptoms. Understanding the cause of your symptoms will help your optometrist provide you with a personalized treatment plan to ensure you receive the best results. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below or are interested in the possible benefits of IPL treatments, book an appointment with My Optometrist Calgary. Common symptoms of DES include:

If you suffer from Meibomian Gland Disease or the discomfort of Dry Eye Syndrome, visit one of our Calgary locations and talk to our optometrists about the amazing benefits of IPL therapy for you.

Advanced Treatment For Dry Eye Syndrome In Calgary And Three Hills 

Don't let your lifestyle be affected by the discomfort and irritation caused by Dry Eyes. Protect your vision and soothe perpetual Dry Eye Syndrome by booking an appointment with one of our experienced optometrists.

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What are the main causes of Dry Eye Syndrome? 

The following are common causes of Dry Eye Syndrome::

Does IPL treatment hurt?

One of the many benefits of IPL treatment for Dry Eye Disease is that it is a super quick process and requires little to no downtime. The treatment is safe and ensures little to no discomfort during the procedure.

How many sessions are required for IPL treatments to give long-lasting results?

Patients usually see improvements after one or two IPL treatments. To promote long-term results, it is recommended that patients receive 4 separate treatments over the course of four months. It is important to note that Dry Eye Syndrome is not curable, but symptoms can be managed through advanced treatment plans such as IPL therapy solutions

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