10 Surprising Things an Eye Exam Can Uncover

September 7, 2020

Curious about what an eye exam can uncover? Here are the top 10 surprising health problems that a comprehensive eye exam carried out by your Calgary optometrist can alert you to. 

Comprehensive eye exams aren't only about your vision. They can uncover a whole slew of other health problems that you may not have been aware of were it not for your annual eye exam. Here are the 10 most surprising ones.

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10 Surprising Things an Eye Exam Can Uncover

While many people know that diabetes and high blood pressure can be uncovered during a routine eye exam, the health problems on this list certainly fall under the category of surprising. Here are the top 10 astonishing things an eye exam can alert you to. 

1. Brain tumor

The increased pressure that accompanies a brain tumor is sometimes evident and detectable in your eye. The swelling that occurs towards the back of your eyes results in changes to your optic nerve, which is something a good optometrist can easily spot. 

2. Lupus

An inflammatory disease, lupus sometimes leads to dry eyes. It can also lead to swelling in the part of your eye which is white or the section of tissue that is sensitive to light. It sometimes leads to swelling in the middle layer of your eye too. 

3. Multiple sclerosis

A comprehensive eye exam can uncover inflammation of your optic nerve, which sometimes is a sign of multiple sclerosis. Usually, the inflammation is paired with extremely blurry vision, or pain when trying to move your eyeball. It can sometimes be paired with double vision as well. 

4. Lyme disease

Caused by tick bites, Lyme disease leads to inflammation across your whole body. This inflammation is commonly seen in the optic nerve for those who have Lyme disease. They may also experience floaters during the initial point of their infection.

5. Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, and syphilis can all cause changes to the different layers within your eye. Experienced optometrists routinely detect these changes during a comprehensive eye exam. 

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6. Sickle cell disease

This genetic blood disorder can lead to a whole host of eye problems for those suffering from it. This includes severe hemorrhaging, retinal detachment, and burst blood cells on the eye's surface. 

7. Thyroid disease

Commonly known as Grave's disease, hyperthyroidism can cause a person's eyeballs to protrude very noticeably or it can cause their eyelids to begin retracting. It can also be paired with blurry vision, lost vision, or dry eyes.

8. Sarcoidosis

Another inflammatory disease, sarcoidosis impacts numerous organs within the body including the eyes. A very common eye symptom related to sarcoidosis is called iritis. An iritis is a painful form of inflammation that occurs in the coloured portion of the eye known as the iris, with it happening on an ongoing basis.

9. Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis can be uncovered by your optometrist during an eye exam if you come in with severe eye pain and red eyes. People with rheumatoid arthritis also commonly experience dry eyes. 

10. Myasthenia gravis

This autoimmune disorder is routinely first detected during annual eye exams as one of its first symptoms includes drooping eyelids in either both or one eye. This condition causes your muscles to become weak or tired easily, and double vision can also be an early symptom of it.

As you can see, there are plenty of uncommon health problems that are extremely serious which can be detected through a comprehensive eye exam. Take the next step and get in touch with your Calgary optometrist and book your annual eye exam today.

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