How To Avoid Eye Infections From Contact Lenses

October 15, 2022
How To Avoid Eye Infections From Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great solution for people who need to wear corrective lenses but who don’t care for wearing eyeglasses. Although there are a variety of contact lens types available, anyone who wears contact lenses must know how to properly care for them. Because contact lenses rest directly on the eye, people who wear contact lenses are more susceptible to eye infections. Contact lens solution is manufactured to avoid bacteria growth while also matching the pH balance of your eyes, but it is still possible for bacteria to get onto the contact lens, onto your finger, onto the contact lens case, and end up in your eye. Here is how you can safely wear contact lenses and avoid eye infections.

How To Avoid Infection From Contact Lenses

Clean Your Contacts
When you receive contact lenses, you will also need to buy solution, cleaner, and eye drops (or they will all come in a pack). While the solution is used to keep your contacts hydrated and pH balanced, the cleaner is used to remove any dirt, dust, or bacteria on the contacts. You should use this cleaner after every time you wear your contacts. To properly clean your contacts, wash your hands first, then take the contact out and place it on your palm. Add a drop or two of cleaner onto the contact and gently rub it with the pad of your finger. After the contact is clean, rinse it thoroughly with solution to ensure no cleaner remains, as this product is not meant to come into contact with your eye.

Use Fresh Solution Often
Contact lens solution is the best product contact lens wearers can own. You need to use fresh solution to store your contact lenses in every time you take them out and you need to rinse your contact lenses with contact solution before putting them in, after cleaning them, and if you think there’s anything on the contact lens. You should never let contact lenses sit in solution that has already been used, as there can be bacteria from your fingers in this solution.

Only Wear Contact Lenses For The Recommended Amount Of Time
Contact lenses will specify if they are meant to be disposed of every day, every week, or every month, depending on the type you use. Do not use your contacts longer than the recommended period, as this can promote eye infection. If you only use your contact lenses occasionally, such as for special occasions, ensure you are using fresh contact lenses. Even if you are using monthly contact lenses but only using them once a month, it is still recommended that you replace your contact lenses at least 3 times per year to avoid any potential buildup that has occurred.

Don’t Sleep With Contact Lenses In
You’re never supposed to wear your contact lenses while you sleep, even if it’s for a nap. Wearing contact lenses while you sleep reduces the amount of oxygen reaching your eye, which can cause the cornea to enlarge or become irritated. Depriving your eyes of oxygen also increases your risk of developing an eye infection.

Contact Lenses In Calgary

Whether you’ve been wearing contact lenses for years or you’re interested in trying them for the first time, My Optometrist can help you with all of your contact lens needs. We carry a selection of contact lens solution and lubricating eye drops to help your contacts stay clean and hydrated. We also offer prescriptions for contact lenses as well as contact lens fittings so that your contact lenses are as comfortable and effective as possible. Our optometrists and opticians can help you with any of your contact lens needs, including information about contact lens care. For all of your contact lens needs, visit or call My Optometrist in Calgary or Three Hills or fill out the contact form.

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Q: How do I know what contact lenses to use?
A: Start by learning more about the different types of contact lenses; The Ultimate Guide To Help You Choose Your Contact Lenses. Once you have an idea of your contact lens options, you can speak with an optometrist from My Optometrist in Calgary to help you decide what type of contact lens will best suit your needs.

Q: Do contact lenses hurt?
A: Contact lenses may cause discomfort as your eyes adjust, but they should never hurt. When you use contact lenses for the first few times your eyes may be irritated and watery, so remember to keep using eye drops until your eyes can fully adjust to wearing them. If you have any concerns about wearing contact lenses, address them with your Calgary eye doctor.

Q: Can people with astigmatism wear contacts?
A: Absolutely. Sometimes patients with astigmatism require Gas Permeable Contact Lenses, Toric Lenses, and/or multiple fittings with their optometrist to find the perfect fit, but wearing contact lenses with astigmatism is definitely possible, and is a very common request.

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