COVID-19: Eye Care During the Pandemic

February 19, 2021

As with most things in life, eye care has changed due to the novel coronavirus. Here is what you can expect when you visit My Optometrist Calgary during the ongoing pandemic.

Our lives have been drastically changed by COVID-19. Thousands have died from the virus in Canada alone, and the normal everyday things we used to do have been taken away from us. Vaccines are on their way, but the lingering effects of the novel coronavirus are expected to persist for months — if not years. 

As an essential service, eye care professionals have been permitted to operate amid the ongoing pandemic. This includes optometrists and eye clinics in Calgary. While it is very safe to visit these professionals as the pandemic continues, things may look a little different when you arrive for your appointment. Here's what you can expect the next time you pop into one of our My Optometrist Calgary locations.


We're Open!

Looking for a comprehensive eye exam in Calgary or Three Hills? My Optometrist Calgary has you covered! We're happy to announce that we are once again fully open following our brief closure due to the initial outbreak of COVID-19. We’ve taken the necessary precautions to ensure our customers and staff remain safe given these still uncertain times and are looking forward to seeing all our amazing patients again safely in person. Contact us today to book a comprehensive eye exam appointment in Calgary or Three Hills, and let's make sure you're still seeing clearly during this hazy period.


What to Expect When You Next Visit My Optometrist Calgary

The safety of our customers and staff is the number one priority for us here at My Optometrist Calgary. This means we have taken numerous steps and precautions to be able to deliver our vital eye care services in the safest manner possible. 

Here are some of the measures we have taken. 

Increased Disinfection of All Areas

While cleanliness and hygiene have always been a top priority at all three of our locations, we have increased the level of disinfection across all areas within our clinics since the onset of the pandemic. Steps we have taken include the UV sterilization of all eyeglass frames and applicable products, along with disinfecting any common touch surfaces such as chairs or counters.

Screening Staff and Customers

Every day we screen our staff for symptoms related to COVID-19 and conduct pre-screening of our customers who have appointments with us that day. Customers are once again screened upon their arrival, and anyone displaying or admitting to symptoms is kindly asked to reschedule their appointment at no cost to them.

Open by Appointment Only

Our three eye clinics are open by appointment only. This allows us to safely manage the number of people visiting us each day so proper physical distancing and disinfecting protocols can be practiced.

Wearing PPE 

Our optometrists and clinical staff wear proper PPE at all times when present within our locations. Our team members have also committed to staying home as much as possible when not working in an effort to reduce their likelihood of contracting the virus. 

Other Measures

Some of the other COVID-19 measures we have enacted at our clinics in Calgary and Three Hills include:


Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

At My Optometrist Calgary, the safety of our staff and customers is our top priority. We understand how important our eye care services are to those who rely on us for their advanced ocular health needs, and we take the responsibility of providing our services in a COVID-safe way extremely seriously.

If you need a comprehensive eye exam in Calgary or Three Hills, be sure to book an appointment with us today.

Call Us Today

If you need a comprehensive eye exam in Calgary or Three Hills, My Optometrist Calgary has you covered with our advanced eye care and experienced optometrists. Contact one of our My Optometrist Calgary clinics at either 403-256-0606 (Health First Optometry), 403-291-0923 (Sunridge Vision Centre), or 403-443-2040 (Three Hills Optometry) and book your appointment today.



Can I just pop into one of your locations or do I need an appointment?

At this time, we are open by appointment only. We are doing this to help keep our customers and staff safe by limiting the number of people within our clinics. Contact us today if you would like to set up an appointment at one of our three locations. 

What makes an eye exam COVID-safe?

The enhanced safety measures we have enacted in light of the ongoing pandemic make our eye exams as COVID-safe as they can be. Read all our COVID safety measures here.

If I need to take my child or elderly parent for an eye exam can I join them in the clinic?

Yes, caregivers are permitted to join the person they are caring for within the clinic. Please just respect all safety measures while inside and refrain from visiting us if you have any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

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