5 Best Gel Eye Drops for Dry Eyes at Night

February 14, 2021

Do you suffer from dry eyes? Then you probably know the symptoms of this irritating eye condition tend to peak at night. Here are the five best gel eye drops to help soothe your symptoms come nighttime. 

Dry eyes are the worst. And if you suffer from dry eye syndrome, then you know all too well how irritating and debilitating this eye condition can be. You most likely are aware that your dry eye symptoms seem to reach a crescendo once night rolls around too. 

Some of the symptoms you're most likely accustomed to by now due to your dry eyes include:

Luckily, there is a solution for your dry eye symptoms. Gel eye drops, which are also referred to as thicker artificial tears, can help provide much-needed relief. These eye drops are much more viscous than normal ones, providing long-lasting lubrication and relief for dry eye sufferers. Read on to find out which five gel eye drops are the best.


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5 Best Gel Eye Drops for Dry Eyes at Night

Dry eye syndrome is characterized by not being able to either produce enough tears or tears that are high quality enough to properly lubricate your eyeballs. Gel eye drops work to correct this problem by providing your eyes with the lubrication they need to stay fresh and comfortable. 

Here are the five best gel eye drops you should consider for fixing your habitual dry eyes once and for all.

1. I-DROP PUR GEL: Intended for those with moderately dry eyes, I-DROP PUR GEL is a fantastic choice for long-lasting dry eye relief. They are preservative-free, allowing them to be used often by people with sensitive eyes. They also stay good for 12 months from the time the bottle is opened.


2. Candor Hylogel: Similar to most other gel eye drops on the list, these drops are specially formulated with a more viscous consistency to provide those with moderate to severe dry eyes the relief they need. Candor Hylogel is also preservative-free, making them an easy choice for those with sensitive eyes who need a long-lasting solution to their dry eye problems.


3. Refresh Celluvisc Preservative-Free: These gel eye drops do a great job of providing long-lasting relief for dry eyes. Their extra-strength and preservative-free formula makes them ideal for those with sensitive eyes and the thicker drops contain many of the same components that come in natural tears. 

4. Blink Gel: These gel eye drops are best for people who suffer from moderate to severe dry eye symptoms. They work just like the normal Blink Tears do, albeit with a more viscous consistency for longer-lasting relief. They also adapt to your specific dry eye needs and their special formula provides improved comfort by restoring your tear film after every blink.

5. hydraSense Night Therapy: If your eyes are irritated due to dry eye syndrome, then you can't go wrong with hydraSense Night Therapy Gel Drops. Specifically designed for nighttime use, they provide relief that will last throughout your sleep. While they're intended to be used at night, you can also use them during the day to relieve your dry eye symptoms. 

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Q: Are gel eye drops better?

Gel eye drops remain in your eyes longer than normal artificial tears, making them ideal for overnight use to relieve dry eye symptoms.

Q: What are gel eye drops?

Gel eye drops are more viscous (aka thicker) than their regular artificial tear counterparts. This allows them to last longer and provide further relief. 

Q: Does drinking water help dry eyes?

Drinking more water is typically the first thing your optometrist or doctor will recommend to combat your dry eyes. So yes, drinking more water can help with dry eyes if yours are caused by dehydration.

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