Dr. Bernadette Osiowy Celebrates 30 years in Optometry

October 18, 2021
Dr. Bernadette Osiowy Celebrates 30 years in Optometry

As a 1991 graduate of the University of Waterloo, and an active practitioner in Calgary, Alberta, I remain enthusiastic and passionate about the Optometry profession after 30 years! There are so many things I love about being an Optometrist and there are many elements that have contributed to embracing this career path.

I’d love to share my story about why I chose to be an Optometrist…

Why did I choose to be an Optometrist?

I chose to enter Optometry after getting contact lenses for the first time in high school. I was so enthralled about the whole process that I geared my course selections even in grades 11-12. I never strayed from that dream and continued to do my undergrad studies in science in my hometown at the University of Regina. I was keen to get to know more about the eye care profession, so I worked a summer at an Optometry clinic before ultimately applying to Optometry School at the University of Waterloo. Once accepted into the program, I left Saskatchewan via my first ever flight, taking me to Toronto, and then to see my new campus located at Waterloo, Ontario. It was my life for the next four years beginning my dream of being an Optometrist and experiencing amazing education while fostering lifelong friendships with my classmates.

Where did I start my career?

Following graduation, I spent a year in Ontario working in several interesting locations. Missing my western Canadian roots, I decided to venture to Calgary. In those first couple years in Foothills City, I worked in many types of practices. I did maternity and extended coverage for local doctors, including small solo practices, larger group practices, and different settings which included downtown, the suburbs, and rural locations. This provided me with a well-rounded experience and led me to join an independent group practice. I thoroughly enjoyed advancing my skills as an Optometrist while at the same time discovering I really enjoyed being involved in the business operations of Optometry and ultimately became a partner with the practice. I believe the passion I feel for Optometry is rooted in the love of my patient care while also operating our group of practices along with owners, management, staff, and great doctors.

What keeps me challenged and committed?

Message to Patients:

“My continued enthusiasm and energy to care for patients of all ages, and to discover and share interesting vision solutions, truly nurtures my passion for Optometry. I cherish the opportunity to care for you and your families for many years to come.”

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