Top Lifestyle Glasses and Sunglasses Brands For Fall 2021

August 12, 2021
Top Lifestyle Glasses and Sunglasses Brands For Fall 2021

Glasses and sunglasses are so much more than eye protection and correction. They are a fashion statement and a necessary item all in one. They can be transformational, or barely noticeable. Whatever your personal style is, you can bet there is just the right pair of frames for you. And, when you find that perfect pair you will look and feel like a million bucks!

With more and more top designers stepping into the eyewear ring you have more choices than ever before to wear for sport, lifestyle, and to make fashion a statement. Here are some of our favourite eyewear looks coming into Autumn.

Eyeglass Trends For Fall 2021

Clear Frames: This chic style of eyeglasses have been going strong and we expect to see them out in full force this Fall. Choosing a neutral colour ensures they can go with any outfit or mood, but you can opt to get a little daring and choose a fun shade of see-through purple or mauve.

Flat Top Glasses: Flat top glasses are still going strong coming into September and what’s best is you can use this frame as a large, 80’s inspired eyeglass or as a classically cool sunglasses frame. With almost every eyewear company offering up an option you will find some that suit your taste and budget.

Round Sunglasses: Channel your inner 90’s child! These circle shades could be found on magazine covers and all over MTV music videos decades ago and they are making their comeback. The perfect blend of fun and functional, getting into round frames for Fall is a great idea to convey effortless cool. Bonus cool points if you add a mirrored or reflective lens.

Tortoiseshell Glasses: If a timeless style of eyewear is your ideal look then you will be happy to hear that tortoiseshell style glasses are still on point for Fall 2021. The best part about these glasses is that there are countless options to choose from when you take into consideration the different brands, colour blends, and shapes to choose from. Tortoiseshell goes beautifully for both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Trendy Minimal Frames: If trendsetting is your deal, then you might find yourself drawn to minimally styled, wire-framed glasses with a double bridge. These types of glasses will look sharp without detracting from your stunning features underneath them.

Classic Black: As always, you can’t go wrong with a classic black frame for sunglasses, or your prescription frames. Choose a flirty black cat’s eye, a chunky hipster frame, or cool and charming D-shaped, black on black shades.

Retro Aviators: Last, but not least, you can expect to see a strong selection of aviator glasses with a double bridge that look right out of generations passed. They say fashion is cyclical and this eyeglass look proves it.

A One Stop Shop For All Of Your Eyewear Needs

The eyeglasses listed above are just a small assortment of the shapes, styles, and brands available to try on and purchase at My Optometrist in Calgary. Although the idea of shopping online can be appealing, the discerning eyeglass wearer will want to look, feel, and try on a pair to know exactly what is right for them to wear into Fall of 2021.

My Optometrist Calgary offers three locations for you to shop all of the top brands and styles of sunglasses, prescription glasses, and fashion eyewear. With locations in Northeast Calgary, Southwest Calgary, and Three Hills, you will have a large selection of 2021’s top styles available for you to browse. See our locations here, or fill out the website contact form for more information on the brands we carry.


Q: What are the trending eyewear styles?
A: Some of the 2021 trending glasses looks are:

  1. Cat-eye glasses
  2. Clear frames
  3. Thick rimmed fashion frames
  4. Minimal metal frames
  5. 70’s square oversized eyeglasses
  6. Blinged out crystal frames

Commiting to a new style of eyeglasses is a big commitment and we recommend trying them on in person at one of our Calgary, and surrounding area locations to be sure you love them before buying.

Q: What types of lifestyle eyeglasses do you carry?
A: We carry many brands and styles of lifestyle wear. Since the late 90’s, more and more designers have gotten into the world of prescription glasses and sunglasses frames as they are becoming more of a fashion statement than just a way to correct your vision. At My Optometrist Calgary, some of the lifestyle brands we carry are:

Q: Are polarized sunglasses worth it?
A: Polarized glasses are a great way to help reduce glare and reflections. This is helpful for people who do water sports and like to spend time outside. Polarized lenses also are a great option for those of us who live in one of Canada's sunniest cities (Calgary!). Once you choose the right prescription or non-prescription glasses for you, ask the My Optometrist Calgary team about polarizing your lenses if they don’t already have it.

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