UV Safety Awareness Month: The Effects Of UV Rays On Vision And How To Protect Yourself

June 1, 2022
UV Safety Awareness Month: The Effects Of UV Rays On Vision And How To Protect Yourself

As summer approaches and we all get ready to spend more time outside, remember to protect your eyes from UV rays. There are two types of UV rays: UVA and UVB. Both are forms of electromagnetic radiation created by the sun and these UV rays can cause damage to the skin and eyes. UV rays are present all year round, but in the summertime they are stronger and people tend to spend more time outside exposed to them. If you are going to enjoy the summer outside, take the proper precautions. This UV Safety Awareness Month, learn the risks associated with UV rays and how you can protect your eyes before they suffer both short and long-term damage.

UV Light And Vision

How Can UV Rays Affect My Vision Short-Term?
When the eyes are exposed to the short wavelengths of UVB rays, burns can quickly develop.

How Can UV Rays Affect My Vision Long-Term?
UVA rays have longer wavelengths and this form of UV ray causes damage that presents over longer periods of time. These are the same type of UV rays that cause skin aging and melanoma.

How Can I Protect Myself?
There are several ways to keep your eyes safe from harmful UV rays. Ideally, all listed forms of eye care below will be used simultaneously for the best protection.

Visit My Optometrist To Keep Your Eyes Safe From UV

Arm yourself against UV rays while still enjoying summertime with the help of UV-blocking eyeglasses. UV-blocking eyeglasses can come in the form of sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, or regular prescription glasses without tint. At My Optometrist, our Calgary optometrists will examine your eyes for any developing eye conditions and can recommend UV-blocking eyeglasses to help you stay healthy this summer and all year long. To book an eye exam with one of our eye doctors, contact My Optometrist at one of our three locations at Health First in SE Calgary, Sunridge in NE Calgary, or Three Hills, AB. You can also call us or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Does the colour of the tint on sunglasses change the level of UV protection?
A: No, the UV protection is a special coating on eyeglasses and sunglasses that doesn’t affect the colour of the lens. This is why clear glasses and even contacts can have UV protection.

Q: Can I get contact lenses with UV protection?
A: While UV protecting contacts are available, they will only protect the area of the eye that the lens covers. If you want full UV protection, you should find large-framed sunglasses or eyeglasses to protect your whole eye and the skin around the eye.

Q: Do comprehensive eye exams hurt?
A: No, they do not. The tests that are conducted are non-intrusive and will not cause any pain. If for some reason you experience any pain or discomfort during the exam, let your optometrist know right away.

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