Say Goodbye to Foggy Vision on the Slopes with Prescription Ski Goggle Inserts

February 20, 2023

Do you enjoy skiing but hate wearing glasses under your goggles and dealing with constant fog? Or do you wear contact lenses but deal with dry, irritated or constantly tearing and watery eyes while skiing or snowboarding? Then prescription ski goggle inserts might be perfect for you. 

Enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding with Clear Vision and Maximum Protection

Prescription ski goggle inserts, or prescription goggle inserts, are inserts that sit along the inside of the goggle lens near the vents holding your custom prescription.

Here are five potential benefits of using prescription ski goggle inserts:

  1. Improved vision: Prescription ski goggle inserts allow skiers and snowboarders to see more clearly on the slopes, reducing the risk of accidents caused by poor vision.
  2. Enhanced safety: With clear vision, skiers and snowboarders can better navigate the terrain and avoid obstacles, making their time on the slopes safer.
  3. Reduced fogging: Prescription ski goggle inserts are further away from the face than glasses, allowing for better ventilation and less fogging, which can be a common issue with glasses.
  4. Increased comfort: By eliminating the need for glasses under goggles, prescription ski goggle inserts can improve comfort while skiing or snowboarding, as skiers won't have to deal with the pressure of glasses on their nose and temples.
  5. Custom fit: Prescription ski goggle inserts are customized to fit the wearer's face and prescription, providing a better fit than generic over-the-glass ski goggles or glasses.

Upgrade Your Winter Sports Gear with Custom Prescription Goggle Inserts

Ready to hit the slopes with clear vision and maximum protection? Don't let glasses or contacts hold you back. Visit us at Sunridge Vision Centre or Health First Optometry and get fitted for prescription ski goggles and inserts. Plus, don't forget to get an eye exam to ensure your vision is in top shape. Schedule an appointment today and experience the thrill of skiing or snowboarding like never before!

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