How Regular Glaucoma Screenings Can Prevent Vision Loss

March 2, 2020

With World Glaucoma Week coming up (March 8th-14th), it’s important to understand the causes and signs of this eye condition and why visiting your Calgary optometrist for regular glaucoma screenings is so important for protecting your vision.

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in Canada. It occurs when the fluid pressure inside the eye slowly rises, causing damage to the optic nerve. Often, glaucoma presents no noticeable symptoms in its early stages.

It can be detected through a comprehensive eye exam, and regular visits to your Calgary optometrist can keep your vision from becoming severely affected.

Patients who are recommended to have more frequent glaucoma screenings include those who:

  • Are over the age of 60
  • Have any eye injuries
  • Have a family history of glaucoma
  • Have health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes
  • Smoke

Comprehensive Glaucoma Screenings in Calgary

At our Calgary eye clinics, our team of highly qualified optometrists provide comprehensive glaucoma screenings to ensure that if you have this condition, it can be diagnosed and treated as early as possible to prevent your vision from becoming severely affected.

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Glaucoma Testing: What to Expect

Early detection of glaucoma through regular eye exams and glaucoma screenings is the key to protecting yourself against vision loss. Here are three common tests you can expect from your comprehensive glaucoma testing appointment:

  1. Eye Pressure Test (Tonometry): The eye pressure test is a crucial part of glaucoma screening and it involves the use of an instrument called a tonometer to measure your eye pressure. High eye pressure could mean that you have glaucoma or that you’re at an increased risk of developing.
  1. Visual Field Eye Exam: A visual field test looks for any missing areas of vision. You’ll be shown a sequence of light spots and asked which ones you can see. If you can’t see the spots in your peripheral vision, it may indicate that glaucoma has damaged your vision.
  1. Optic Nerve Assessment: The optic nerve can become damaged when you have glaucoma, so an assessment during the eye exam is necessary. For this test, eye drops will be used to enlarge your pupils and your eyes will be examined with a slit lamp to assess your optic nerve.

You cannot diagnose glaucoma yourself. Your optometrist must examine your eyes using one of the above tests and then monitor any changes in your vision over time.

Protect Your Vision With Regular Glaucoma Screenings

Glaucoma can sneak up on you without you knowing because often, by the time you exhibit symptoms, the disease has already begun to develop and affect your vision. That’s why early detection and management of glaucoma is key to keeping your eyes healthy and protecting you against any vision loss.

At My Optometrist, we have 3 eye clinics in Calgary to make access to vision care as convenient and simple as possible! To find out more about how our highly trained optometrists can help diagnose and treat AMD in a timely manner to prevent any loss of vision, you can book an appointment online.

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