Our Reviews: Top Designer Eyewear Brands

July 8, 2021

Some of the best brand name eyewear comes in a number of styles, types, shapes, and includes both vision correction glasses and sunglasses for men, women and children. Purchasing through a reputable Calgary Optometrist means that often your frames and prescriptions can be covered by your health insurance plan. With more and more brands and stores to choose from, here is our review of some of the top luxury glasses brands on the market.

Top Luxury, Lifestyle and Fashion EyeWear

Before we dig into our brand reviews, let's discuss the difference between the styles of brand name glasses:

Many brands offer not only designer frames, but contact lenses and prescription sunglasses also.

Top Reviewed Brand Name Glasses

Now that we know the difference between the types of brand name eyeglasses: fashion, luxury and lifestyle, let's take a look at our most popular brands and their features:

Versace Eyewear: If you are looking for a blend of style and classic Hollywood, these frames are for you. Versace is a longtime favourite of luxury glasses wearers due to their timelines and chic look.

Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren is known for its iconic, polished and classic American style. These frames have the look of heading to watch a polo match or an Ivy League alma mater bruncheon.

Oakley: Being one of the most popular sport and lifestyle brands on the market, Oakley delivers on more than just sunglasses. Their prescription options boast durable titanium, understated cool matte black, and minimal polished clear frame options that easily crossover from the track to drinks with friends.

Tiffany and Co: Make a statement with not only Tiffany jewellery but also their stunning eyeglasses and sunglasses. Offering a variety of styles, colours and textile options Tiffany and Co. delivers on bringing classic style and fashion into the modern age.

Tory Burch: These designer glasses introduce a new standard for combining both fashion and function into eyewear. Their line of designer eyeglasses and sunglasses include high-quality detailing that make their frames incredibly comfortable while still fitting right in at any trendy events.

Ray Ban: Ray Ban glasses have perfected the art of stylish specs. Known mostly for their iconic aviator sunglasses, they also offer high-quality and timeless prescription eyeglasses.

Dolce & Gabbana: Known for being one of the most glamorous, luxury brand names in the world, their reputation rolls over effortlessly into their eyewear. Since the 90’s D&G has been making something for everyone in the world of prescription frames and sunglasses. 

Adidas: Known mostly for their connection with sports, Adidas is actually a global brand with major street cred and has become a staple of urban lifestyle and popular culture. They have not only some of the most comfortable sporting sunglasses but also a sprawling lifestyle collection with prescription eyewear and casual sunglasses.

Something for Everyone: Brand Name Eyewear

It goes without saying that glasses are more than just function and vision correction prescribed by a Calgary eye doctor. They are also an extension of self, a fashion piece, and can effectively express your mood and culture.

If you are looking for a large selection of luxury eyeglasses, brand name frames, and prescription sunglasses the My Optometrist Calgary eye clinic has two locations in SE and NE Calgary and also in Three Hills, AB to help you find the perfect pair. Contact us today by filling out our online contact form.


What are some eyeglasses trends for 2021?
Some of the hottest styles right out of a fashion magazine, or the runways this year are:

Can I wear both contact lenses and fashion frames?
Absolutely! There are many ways you can enjoy the convenience of contact lenses and have the fun and flare of trendy glasses by:

What are the best designer glasses?
Best always boils down to preference, but as our article suggests there are most definitely certain brands that have better quality, more versatility and increased durability. When choosing luxury glasses you want to try them on and find what speaks to you! The next time you go for your eye exam be sure to check out the large brand name selection at My Optometrist Calgary.

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