Vision Health Month: Choosing The Right Eyeglasses For Optimal Vision

May 6, 2022
Vision Health Month: Choosing The Right Eyeglasses For Optimal Vision

May is Vision Health Month! Improve your vision health by finding the right type of eyeglass lenses for you and your lifestyle. You have likely heard of reading eyeglasses before, but did you know there are also several kinds of multifocal lenses that perform the same function without the need to take your eyeglasses off? To help you understand the different types of eyeglass lenses available and which may work best for you, this article will explore the specifications of each lens. Once you know all of your options, you can take your knowledge to the optometrist and be prepared to find the perfect eyeglasses for your needs.

Types Of Eyeglass Lenses

Single Vision Lenses

Multifocal Lenses

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If you are ready to switch to multifocal lenses, showing signs of presbyopia, want to know if your prescription is changing, or have any other vision health concerns, schedule an appointment with My Optometrist. A comprehensive eye exam with a Calgary optometrist will let you know your exact prescription and the helpful opticians can assist with the choice of the right type of lens and style of eyeglasses that will compliment your look and your life. To book an eye exam with one of our optometrists, call us or fill out the online contact form. To view and try on frames in-store, visit My Optometrist at one of our three locations, either Health First in SE Calgary, Sunridge in NE Calgary, or Three Hills, AB.


Q: I need bifocals but I want to wear contacts. What can I do?
A: Contacts can be made as bifocals and multifocals. Instead of a vertical alignment of prescriptions like in eyeglasses, contact lenses use targeted vision at varying distances, like a bullseye. Multifocal contacts can be very convenient, but they will take some time to adjust to.

Q: How often should I replace my eyeglasses?
A: While this is largely a personal choice, a good rule of thumb is to look at what frequency your health benefits will cover a new pair of eyeglasses. You should also replace your eyeglasses if they become scratched, damaged, or become otherwise difficult to see clearly out of. Even if your frames are in good condition and your prescription does not change, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup pair or some prescription sunglasses.

Q: How do I best care for my eyeglasses?
A: Your new eyeglasses will come with a case and it is important that you always store them in it when not in use. Clean them regularly with an optometrist-approved cleaner and microfibre cloth and check the arm screws to ensure nothing has come loose. Do not clean your glasses with toilet paper or other paper products as it can cause micro-scratches. If your glasses break, do not try to fix them with superglue, as this can void any warranty and make it difficult for an optician to repair.

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