Important Things You Need to Consider When Buying Sports Glasses for Your Kids

January 31, 2021

Thinking of getting some sports glasses for your child to protect their eyes when they're competing? Here are the important things you need to consider when selecting a pair.

Parents who have kids with vision deficiencies who play sports are put in a tough position. On one hand, their child needs to be able to see properly so they can perform at their best. But these children are sometimes too young to wear contact lenses. Enter prescription sports glasses, the ultimate in protecting your child's eyes and allowing them to see well while playing their favourite sports.

Even children who don't have a vision problem can benefit from the use of protective sports glasses. With baseballs, pucks, fingers, and elbows flying around, the risk of suffering an eye injury that could cause serious and long-lasting vision problems is always there. With that being said, let's take a look at what you should be considering when selecting a pair for your child.

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Things You Need to Consider When Buying Sports Glasses for Your Kids

The sport or sports your child plays will dictate which type of protective glasses or goggles are best suited for their pursuits. And if your child does have a vision deficiency due to refractive errors such as myopia or hyperopia, then visiting your Calgary optometrist to get prescription lenses put in their sports glasses is a must. 

For some sports such as basketball or baseball, balls will be whizzing through the air while your child runs up and down the court or around the bases. This means you'll want to purchase sports goggles that have a strap so they don't fly off. You may also want to consider shatter-resistant glasses so any impact they receive is less likely to damage or destroy them. 

Let's now look at the two most important aspects you will want to keep in mind when considering different sports glasses for your kid.

How They Fit and the Protection They Provide

The gold standard in protective sports eyewear is those glasses that receive an F803 rating from the American Society for Testing and Materials. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety also has a protective eyewear classification system, with the majority of protective sports eyewear falling under the Class 2 subsection. 

While it might not always be possible to buy protective sports glasses that achieve these high ratings, you will undoubtedly want to select a pair that at least comes close to meeting these criteria to best protect your child's eyes. 

The next important aspect of this section has to do with fit. You will want your child's sports glasses to have the ability to be adjusted so they can accommodate their growing head, as well as a pair that features nose pads so they're as comfortable as possible. The last thing you want your child worrying about while playing sports is how uncomfortable or poorly fitting their glasses or goggles are!

Some advanced coatings can also make life easier for your child. Anti-reflective and anti-fog ones can cut down on glare when outside or eliminate any distracting fog when they begin to breathe or perspire heavily. These added measures, after all, could be the difference between a goal or a massive game-costing mistake.


Pick a Lens Material That Is Durable

We touched on shatter-resistant lenses earlier, and if you can spring for a pair of sports glasses that feature this technology, then we highly recommend you do so. It will help protect your child's eyes better and will help safeguard your investment. 

If you can find a pair of sports glasses that have lenses made out of Trivex or polycarbonate, you should choose them over regular plastic. These lightweight lenses will make your kid's sports goggles easier and more comfortable to wear, along with the added protection they provide. 

Talk to Your Optometrist to Find the Perfect Pair

Even if your child doesn't require vision correction in their protective sports glasses, your optometrist can be a huge help in picking out the perfect pair. Their extensive knowledge of lens materials and how these pieces of equipment should fit will aid you greatly as you consider your different options. 

If you would like to set up an appointment with one of our optometrists in Calgary or Three Hills to help you pick out the best sports glasses for your child, please feel free to contact us today

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