Computer Glasses For Digital Eye Strain

October 14, 2021
Computer Glasses For Digital Eye Strain

Anyone spending 2 or more hours a day in front of a screen will experience some level of digital eye strain. Computer vision syndrome is an increasingly common issue among people of all ages and with more and more people working and studying from home, digital eye strain is almost unavoidable these days.

The symptoms of digital eye strain in adults can lead to reduced productivity and accuracy. In children prolonged screen exposure can negatively impact normal vision development. Computer glasses can help each member of your family relieve the symptoms of digital eye strain and protect their vision from the harms of extensive screen use.

The discomfort associated with this common vision issue may start with dry eyes and headaches, but when left unaddressed digital eye strain can begin to negatively impact your quality of life. Since characters on a computer screen don’t have the same definition as printed material, and 3-D objects, our eyes will experience strain while trying to maintain focus. Your Calgary Optometrist can conduct a computer vision test to determine if your symptoms are caused by digital eye strain and if computer eyeglasses may help alleviate your discomfort.

Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain: loss of focus, fatigue, eye twitching, dry or red eyes, cloudy vision, headaches, neck and shoulder pain.

Causes: The text and pictures we view on our screens are created by pixels. Pixels are very small dots of light that are brightest in the center, fading in intensity towards the outer edges. This configuration makes it difficult for our eyes to keep their focus, which in turn causes our eyes to revert to RPA (resting point of accommodation). RPA is an involuntary movement into less focused vision and this relaxation of the eyes, then the effort to regain focus causes the strain and fatigue of the eyes.

Solutions: An eye doctor will conduct a computer vision test to confirm that the cause of your symptoms is digital eye strain and then suggest options for relief. This can often be achieved with computer eyeglasses. Even if you do not require a corrective prescription, your Calgary eye doctor can provide you with a fashionable pair of computer lenses and frames that match your style and alleviate your symptoms.

Your Fashionable Choice for Computer Eye Glasses Calgary

Without a doubt, digital eye strain is on the rise due to the increasing amount of time spent using technology, but your optometrist can provide solutions. Studies have shown that the use of computer eyeglasses can improve your productivity and accuracy while working on a screen. Best of all, these types of eyeglasses may be covered by your vision benefits. Computer eyeglasses are customizable and you can choose between a variety of luxury, fashion, or lifestyle frames from My Optometrist Calgary. With three locations that carry all the latest styles in Calgary: Sunridge in the NE, Sundance in the SE or Three Hills for a more rural location, relieving digital eye strain can also look good! Contact the team by filling out the website form below, or by calling the location nearest to you.


Q: What kind of lenses are used for computer eyeglasses?
A: Different lenses are used for different age groups. As we age, our depth of focus deteriorates. Multifocal lenses would be the best fit for someone over the age of 40, as they create a better depth of focus. This will make not only your computer screen clearer but your immediate surroundings as well.

Q: Can anti-glare screens help with digital eye strain?
A: While these filters are effective in reducing the glare from your computer screen, they do not address the issue of focusing and refocusing on the pixels that are on your screen. It is recommended to supplement anti-glare screen filters with computer eyeglasses and with anti-reflective coating on your eyewear, too. If you are looking for an incredible selection of frames for computer eyeglasses in Calgary, visit any of the three locations of My Optometrist Calgary.

Q: Should everyone who uses a computer be wearing eyeglasses?
A: Regardless of whether you have a vision problem that requires corrective glasses or not, it is beneficial to protect your eyes when spending more than 2 hours daily in front of a screen. This includes smartphones, laptops, television, and tablets. Most people will experience some or all the symptoms of digital eye strain in their lifetime, so it is always a good idea to book a computer vision exam to avoid prolonged discomfort.

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