How to Avoid Dry Eyes This Winter

October 19, 2020

Do you notice your eyes get really dry during the winter months? You're not alone, as living in a dry and arid climate such as Calgary's will cause many people's eyes to get dryer than they do in warmer weather, especially during winter. Here are some tips to help keep your eyes well lubricated this winter courtesy of our Advanced Dry Eye and Ocular Wellness Clinic. 

Winter in Calgary is no joke. Save for the few Chinooks that allow us to keep our sanity throughout the frozen months, most of us spend our time from November to March doing everything we can to keep warm. This includes bundling up and running the furnaces and heaters in our houses almost non-stop. But our furnaces and heaters come with an unintended consequence. They can contribute to dry eyes. Here's how you can help mitigate this problem, along with some other general winter dry eye avoidance tips.

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How to Avoid Dry Eyes This Winter

First, we need to have a good understanding of what dry eyes or dry eye syndrome is. Dry eyes are caused when the tear production or tear quality in our eyes is subpar or substandard. As a result, our eyes don't receive the proper lubrication they need. This results in: 

If dry eyes are left untreated, they can lead to impaired vision and damaged corneas (the clear part of our eye).

How Does My Heater Cause Dry Eyes?

You probably guessed that the air being blown by your heater is the main culprit when it comes to causing dry eyes. While many of us don't stick our faces in front of the vents in our home, it's a different story when we're in our vehicles. Having the heat blasting in your car towards your face can compound the wintery dry eyes you're already experiencing, or cause dry eyes to develop. Additionally, the heat itself will cause moisture in the air and your eyes to evaporate, leaving your eyes less protected than usual.

Looking for a dry eye clinic or dry eye treatment Calgary? My Optometrist Calgary is home to the Advanced Dry Eye and Ocular Wellness Clinic, where we have numerous treatment options to help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with dry eyes. Contact us today to set up your appointment and get the dry eye relief you desperately need. 


Tips to Avoid Dry Eyes This Winter

Here are some preventative eye care steps you can take to limit your risk of developing dry eyes this winter:

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