Online VS in Store

Online VS in Store

Today in 2019 you can buy your groceries online, your TV streaming online, shoes and even your medication can be ordered and delivered conveniently to your front door. However, there are a few things we would not purchase over the internet. What about a vehicle without first test driving? A swim suit without trying it on? What about your prescription glasses? Sure, the cost and time is convenient; but is it worth risking the quality you sometimes receive from online purchases?

These are questions worth asking yourself.

That beautiful model you saw on the cover of a magazine wearing the trendiest glasses had a frame stylist to help choose the best design for her face shape. It may look perfect on the model, but perhaps a round frame is not the best suited for you.

Poorly styled frames aren’t the only risk you take from online glasses. A study found that half of online lenses had the wrong prescription made. Most of the time there is little to no warranty for online purchases, making it difficult to return them if (and when) problems arise. Some insurance companies will not cover for online purchases, and when they do most websites are not set up for direct billing.

The distance between the center of your pupils (P.D.) is required when entering your prescription into the website. When P.D. is not correctly measured with a special device called a Pupilometer by a trained professional, it could create problems and compromise your vision.

Specialty coatings on lenses tend to ware away quickly with low quality glasses bought online.
Needed adjustments and repairs are also something not easily accessible online.

Here at My Optometrist Calgary, our Opticians are qualified to help you find the perfect pair of frames. Styles that fit and suit your face shape with optimum lenses. Repairs and adjustments conveniently when you need them, friendly service and a passion for helping people.

That is something you just can’t get from any website!


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