Meet Dr. Scott Sauer

Meet Dr. Scott Sauer

Dr. Randall Scott Sauer is one of our Doctors at Health First Optometry. He received a B.S. in Human Nutrition from Oklahoma State University and his doctoral degree in Optometry from Northeastern State University-Oklahoma College of Optometry. After completing his doctorate, Dr. Sauer went on to complete an optometric residency in Ocular Disease and Refractive Surgery in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Sauer also celebrated his 1 year anniversary with Health First Optometry in November!

Here is a little more information on him.

Why have you chosen Optometry as your passion/specialty?:

Optometry offers great opportunities for the doctor and patient to participate in both treatment and prevention of not only eye health but overall health.

What do you like to do for hobbies in your spare time?:

Woodworking and playing guitar

Do you consider yourself a cat or a dog person?:

I have two dogs. A Golden Retriever named Gordie Howend and a Treeing-Walker Coonhound named Lucy

Do you have any hidden talents?:

If I told you, they would just be talents…

What is your favorite movie?:

Forrest Gump

Your favorite dish to cook/eat?:

BBQ brisket

Where is your favorite travel destination for vacation?

Anywhere new

Where do you hope to go next?

Someplace warm in February

Name one thing on your bucket list:

Green Bay Packers home playoff game

What is something you want your patients to know about you that most don’t?

I grew up on a horse ranch in Texas where football is king and country music is everywhere. I can talk about those things for days


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