Helping Others – Why Service to Others is Great for Everyone

Helping Others – Why Service to Others is Great for Everyone

Dr. Osiowy and their son, Mitchell

Dr. Murphy, Dr. Osiowy and their son, Mitchell preparing for a charity eyecare project

Mitchell has written an article about his experience with giving to others, and hearing about many eyecare projects that his parents have done in the past. Mitchell finally gets to participate in his first Eyecare Project with our eyecare charity group-Canadian Vision Care. In March 2019, Mitchell will be one of eight kids and their families, travelling to a village in Kampong Chen, Cambodia. The whole group will work together to provide eye exams, eye glasses, and triage medical eyecare

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Helping others is a necessary pillar of our society and through being of service to others, it helps shape our inner selves. But as technology advances and social media gets bigger, less and less people are acting on this pillar. In turn, many sub-pillars are being left untouched. For example, patient and sincere human relationships are not as common, all because people are only doing what they have to do for themselves. If everyone takes half an hour out of their day to aid someone else, not just relationships will be made but both the helper and the helped will construct a more complex inner self, shaping their social pillar to be more confident and generous. Helping others is very important. Your efforts will make a positive difference in your community or the world.

First of all, when assisting others, one can learn a lot, especially children. They learn to be humble, generous and overall develop empathy. Because, if they are striving to be humble, they won’t say to someone “I’m only helping you because I want an award.” Also, if they are helping someone they are most likely practicing generosity, because they are at least giving their time. Since all these noted sub-pillars rest on the shoulders of helping others, someone who is being of service is practicing many different social concepts. Also they can construct a more complex inner self to be more socially confident.

Secondly, the one that is being assisted has many benefits. Independent of what they are being helped with they can also learn lots of things. First of all, social skills are a large victim to development. People can learn how to be gracious and thankful because if someone is aiding them they are most likely needing help. As a result, in time, they can learn to be thankful for things they receive like clothing or a toothbrush. Furthermore, young children serviced by an older kid, are influenced by their help, and may look up to them and follow their actions. When people are given a helping hand, in a gracious and compassionate way, they too will often feel such a sense of relief that they will remember, and hopefully some time in the future, they can ‘pay it forward’.

Thirdly, I myself have had many opportunities to help others. I first embraced giving at the age of five. When I had my birthday party, instead of accepting gifts I only accepted money which I gave to a family in Jamaica so they could raise chickens in their yard. I had the chance to feel the joy of giving and helping so I continued with this. I believe that there is a large difference between giving and helping, for example if you give 300 dollars to a poor family, they will most likely spend it on common goods like food and then in a month they need another 300 dollars. But if you help them they can grow a garden with 300 dollars and that money will go a lot further. Similar to that, I gave some money that I raised, to an orphanage in Africa (which my parents helped build) so the children could plant and raise a garden and that was sustainable. Also, soon I will be going to Cambodia for a mission trip with my parents. In conclusion I believe helping and giving are very different but are the perfect mixture of generosity.

To conclude, I truly believe that both helping others, and receiving help, have many different benefits, including the pillars of: developing sincere human relationships, confidence, humility, generosity, graciousness and compassion. Plus you can have a large influence on others and learn many new things. Also, you might discover a new passion, serving others and giving. Give it a try!

-Mitchell Murphy, Grade 6 composition contest


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