Fit to Read Campaign

Fit to Read Campaign

At My Optometrist Calgary, not only is eye health important to us, but so is whole body health and wellness. Everything in the body is connected, so when you take good care of your body through diet and exercise, your eyes benefit too. It’s for this reason that we take the time to make dietary recommendations, why we enjoy collaborating with your medical team, and why many of us on the My Optometrist Calgary team include physical fitness as an important part of our lifestyle.

Another one of our passions includes supporting literacy initiatives. Literacy may have reading and writing at its root, but it also extends to how we communicate as a society, and with each other. Literacy affects our relationships, how we gain knowledge, and how we understand the world around us. Being in vision care, we frequently see the impact that inadequate vision has on reading facility and consequently on literacy. That’s why nothing brightens our day more than hearing about improved confidence in school, more enjoyment while reading, and more daily contentment from patients who have benefited from vision correction or vision therapy.

Our desire to marry these two passions is at the root of the Fit to Read Campaign benefiting Calgary Reads, a local organization committed to improving literacy outcomes in children by partnering with local businesses, educators, community groups, and leaders.

Since the beginning of the year, members of our My Optometrist Calgary Fit Squad, a group of us who embarked on a wellness challenge that involved setting goals to improve physical and emotional wellness, have been training to run a number of events at the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon on May 29, 2016. We felt that participating in the run while raising money for this worthwhile charity would be a great way to show our support.

Love this idea and want to support this campaign? Fantastic! There are a number of ways you can join in the fun. If you would like to run with us, please visit the link below to join our team. If you are active on Instagram, please tag pictures of yourself getting “fit to read” with the hashtag #fittoread so we can see what you’re up to. Lastly, if you are considering supporting our team by making a donation, visiting the link below will also take you to a donation page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for your generosity and support.


Dr. Danielle
Dr. Danielle Gordon

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