Dr. Bernadette: Early Vision Assessment Saved my Nephew’s Vision

Dr. Bernadette: Early Vision Assessment Saved my Nephew’s Vision

Many people know that kids should have their eyes checked before starting school, but not many are aware that their first eye exam is recommended by six months of age. Assessing for eye problems such as turned eye muscles, unequal vision, or growths inside the eye is critical to ensure proper visual development.

Knowing the importance of early childhood eye exams, my sister was keen to bring in her six-month-old triplets for their first eye exam with their Auntie. They were healthy, developing normally, and there were no apparent eye concerns. I was pleased to start with my little niece- all was perfect; then my nephew – also perfect; then the other nephew, last to be checked- and surprise! I measured a very high farsighted prescription.

Most wonder- how on earth can you get a six-month-old to wear glasses?! The amazing thing is they immediately realize that their world is so vividly improved, that they don’t want to take them off!  This was certainly true for my nephew – when he first put on his first pair of glasses, it was evident he was seeing the world in a whole new way. What was most notable, was how he more actively reached out for items, including food on a spoon- before he was more passive and waited for the food to touch his lips. So although there were no noted problems, after the glasses, his life was lit up!

As for the daily use of glasses, more of the problem was actually keeping his two siblings from pulling them off his face. It quickly became apparent to mom that it was imperative to have a backup pair of glasses!

Once he was wearing glasses, my nephew had to be seen by an eye doctor closer to their home in Saskatchewan. Fortunately, in finding his eye prescription so early, his vision and eye muscle coordination have been developing normally. He is growing and his eyes are changing; he has had to wear an eye patch on one eye for a period of time, as well as prescription changes.

The triplets are already over three years old, and they all are just bundles of fun. My nephew, with the glasses, is not limited by wearing glasses- he plays and even swims with them on. The three of them get constant attention, but he draws in more attention with his cute dimples and fun glasses. His recent pair is a bold red frame that he just loves to wear with his favourite clothes. That’s another big plus for kid’s glasses- if they love the look (that is appropriate for their age) and ’style’, they will happily wear them.

Dr. Bernadette
Dr. Bernadette Osiowy

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