Adapting to New Prescription

Adapting to New Prescription

Adapting to New Prescription

Here at My Optometrist Calgary, we perform Comprehensive Eye Exams, and are pleased to be able to provide frames and lenses to fill your prescription at our locations. Occasionally, a new prescription is difficult to adjust to. It can be frustrating when your new glasses don’t have the vision or comfort that you expected instantly!

Our eyes are always working and changing. When you are focused on something close like a book or computer, the muscles are contracting and the lens becomes thicker in order to focus.

In far vision for activities such as driving, the muscle is relaxed allowing greater bending of light rays making the lens flat. This normal focus activity means our vision system may have some variance when being tested in the exam room. Not to worry, your Optometrist has tools and techniques to determine the best correction that may be needed.

Often patients may be concerned they gave the ‘wrong’ answer during the vision testing. But once again, the combination of the technology used for the preparation tests, the exam room ‘which is better’ tests, and discussions about your vision needs and environments are all part of determining the best vision correction.

After taking home your new glasses, you may notice that the vision is not as clear as your older prescription glasses. You may experience headaches, eye fatigue or your depth perception may feel off.

Don’t panic! This is not usually caused by the wrong measurements. More often than not this is because your eyes and brain need time to adjust! Each person is different with adjustment times, but we generally estimate around 1 to 2 weeks’ time. An astigmatism may also cause vision distortion through new lenses.

If after two weeks you feel your vision has not improved, it is recommended to come in to see one of our opticians. Occasionally the problem lies with the position of the frames sitting on your face, especially with progressive additional lenses. All we need is a simple adjustment!

The best way to help your eyes adjust to a new prescription is to wear them often. Resist the urge to put back on your older glasses- This can slow your progress.

Should you continue to have troubles beyond the usual adaptation time, your optometrist will reassess the vision prescription to determine if modifications will help. Often the combination of prescription change, possible lens design change, and frame adjustment will provide comfortable and clear vision. We will strive to find the solution to reach a successful conclusion!


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