A Patient Experience With Ortho-K Contact Lenses

A Patient Experience With Ortho-K Contact Lenses

Orthokeratology, popularly known as Ortho-Ks, are customized, rigid gas-permeable contact lenses that reshape the cornea during sleep. The lenses are made to slowly reshape the anterior part of the cornea so the person can see more clearly once the lenses are taken out after sleep. Ortho-Ks are mostly used to correct nearsightedness in adults and children.

Here, we proudly share with you a personal experience from a long-time Ortho-K wearer:

Q. When did you start to notice you had troubles with your vision?

A. I noticed in grade 2 that my vision started to slowly decline. Three and a half years ago, I looked through a prescription lens and noticed clarity.

Q. How did you feel when your doctor recommended vision correction?

A. At first, I didn’t want glasses because I didn’t like the idea of wearing any correction.

Q. What options were you given about your vision correction?

A. I was introduced to the idea of Ortho-Ks due to my hesitance of wearing glasses or regular contact lenses.

Q. What did you think of the idea of Ortho-Ks the first time? Have you heard about this concept before?

A. I thought the idea was pretty cool! I thought of them like “braces for the eyes”. I haven’t heard of the

concept before and none of my friends had worn them or talked about them. I thought it was a new concept.

Q. What was it like the first time you wore them? How was your vision in your opinion?

A. My vision was better right from the beginning. Before wearing them, I didn’t think my vision was that bad at all, but after wearing them I noticed much more clarity at school, at home and especially for my sports.

Q. How did you adapt to your new contact lenses? How was the handling of the lenses (in and out care)?

A. It was a new and different experience, but adaption was easy! They weren’t uncomfortable just odd at first. After about 2 weeks, I got used to the comfort. I became fully comfortable with insertion and removal at about 1 month as it became a normal routine at that point!

Q. How do you feel now that you’ve been wearing them?

A. I feel great! This has become so normal to do every day just like brushing my teeth or any other everyday routine thing.

Q. How have these lenses impacted your life for the better?

A. I have great vision and I don’t have to fuss with glasses or contact lenses throughout the day. School work has been easier. I have a very active lifestyle, so these lenses have allowed me to perform optimally with my sports. I think having good vision is essential to a good life!

Q. Can you describe in your own words your Ortho-K night and morning routine?

A. At night, I insert the lenses in each eye in less than a minute and clean my case so it’s dry for the next morning. I hop into bed, read a bit with lenses on then fall asleep. In the morning, I remove my lenses and clean them which takes about 2 mins in total, place them in their case for them to be disinfected and ready for the night time.

Q. Would you recommend these lenses to your friends and family?

A. Absolutely! Actually, my brother also wears them!

Q. Anything else you would like to add about your experience with Ortho K lenses?

A. They get the job done, and done well!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to talk to any of our doctors or contact lens specialists!


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