Meet Dr. Bernadette Osiowy

Meet Dr. Bernadette Osiowy

Meet our leading lady partner at Health First Optometry.

Bernadette Osiowy (or “Dr. O” as we like to call her) graduated with her Doctor of Optometry degree in 1991 and has been a partner/owner with us since 1995 with her husband Patrick Murphy.

Through Canadian Vision Care (CVC), our eye care charity of choice, Dr. Osiowy has donated time and talent to both fundraising and participating in projects in Jamaica, Saint Martin, and Africa. Her most recent project to Cambodia involved administering eye care to children and adults in Thailand.

Get to know and love her as much as we do!

What do you like to do for hobbies in your spare time?:

I am very involved in piano now, currently preparing for my grade six Royal Conservatory examination in June 2019.

I have joined the Highwood Cycling club, with plans to ride over 50km per week. I have signed up for the Multiple Sclerosis charity bike ride that covers 185km over two days round trip Airdrie to Olds. This way I get the exercise and the upside of fundraising for a great charity.

I also mountain bike with our son, and still enjoy downhill skiing (although I am becoming outpaced on both skills by our 12 year old!)

I love fitness, going to the gym, and doing yoga.

I am an avid Sport Mom, supporting and volunteering for Hockey and Lacrosse!

What goals do you hope you will accomplish in 10 years for yourself?:

Fortunately I have continued to thoroughly enjoy the combination of being an Optometrist, and the added bonus of running a business. My chosen career has evolved and been a great match for my interests.

I look forward to being involved in future advances in eyecare, participating in implementing the newest technology and services, all the while enjoying the family feeling of caring for our business.

What is your favorite movie?:

I certainly like some good oldies that have memories from watching as a child- Gone With the Wind, Wizard of Oz, and even Elvis movies, and have carried on the love of watching movies now with my son. We enjoy Harry Potter movies together, and adventure and real life stories about other countries and interesting personal feats and challenges.

Your favorite dish to cook/eat?:

Well I’d first have to admit that Chocolate and Ice Cream are favourites!! But, I do love to cook, and enjoy learning about many different cooking styles. I’d say Italian is a favorite, with Spanish and Thai following close behind.

Healthy nutrition choices in daily meal planning is a big focus as well.

Where is your favorite travel destination for vacation? Where do you hope to go next?:

I have been blessed to travel to see family in Australia, and for Eye care projects to Africa & Cambodia. The opportunity to see lifestyles of the people in these countries, and the happiness and energy within those communities, even when it seems like they are living with less, gives one lots to reflect upon.

As for next adventures, my goal this year is to enjoy Alberta and BC with cycling, mountain biking, and hiking with my family. I plan to experience the adventures as if I was seeing it from a traveller’s view from another country. We have so much to enjoy right in our own backyard!

Why have you chosen Optometry as your passion/specialty?:

I was in high school when I got my first pair of contact lenses. I was very intrigued by the whole process, so I investigated the career choices in eye care. Ultimately I steered the remainder of my high school courses so that I could focus on science and physics before applying to University. I never steered from my dream of becoming an Eye Doctor, and even had summer jobs in Optometry clinics to gain experience for my application.

Name one thing on your bucket list:

Hmmm, I feel like I keep experiencing things that are filling my bucket as I go!

What is something you want your patients to know about you that most don’t?:

That I love to keep busy, but balanced, in my pursuit of Health, Happiness and Shared Experiences with my work family, and my home family.

I have lots of energy to enjoy all these things, and plan to be practicing at Health First Optometry for many years to come.


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