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Dr. Patrick Murphy

Dr. Patrick Murphy is a 1981 graduate of the University of Waterloo School of Optome-try. He is the founding owner of Health Plus Optometry, Three Hills Optometry, and the group of practices that evolved intoMy Optometrist Calgary.

Dr. Murphy did not take long out of school to develop his first practice in the community of Midnapore. He welcomed the opportunity to move this practice within the same community to join a group of Doctors in a multi-disciplinary medical centre, enjoying the professional interactions of numerous health care professions including family medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and later, ophthalmology. This office, Health Plus Optometry, ultimately became the cornerstone of the My Optometrist Calgary group.

While he worked to establish the practice in Calgary, Dr. Murphy was also committed to bringing eye care to smaller towns. In 1981 he founded Three Hills Optometry, and fos-tered a strong bond with patients and staff through his years travelling to this clinic. This practice continues to serve the residents of Three Hills and the surrounding farming community today.

Along with other doctors in our group, he helped mentor our clinic expansions, which includes the startup of South Calgary Eyecare in spring of 2007, and the acquisition of Sunridge Vision Care in fall of 2007.

Dr. Murphy has served as the director of the Southern Alberta Sight Enhancement Clinic, a specialty clinic devoted to helping those with low vision in conjunction with the CNIB. Thanks to his association with this clinic, Dr. Murphy was the first optometrist to receive hospital privileges at Rockyview Hospital.

He continues to provide services related to his low vision specialty out of the Low Vision clinic located at the Rockyview Hospital, as well as for specialty low-vision patients that visit our Health Plus Optometry clinic.

Charity work has always been important to Dr. Murphy, leading to his involvement in eye care projects in the third world countries of Jamaica, Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Maar-ten, and Malawi.

Dr. Murphy served for six years on the council of the Alberta Association of Optometry (AAO), including holding the position of President from September 2002 – 2004. He was certified in 2014 for advanced therapeutic medical eye care, allowing him to provide an expanded range of complex eye care services to his patients. He continually strives to improve his own skills and to contribute to the profession of optometry as a whole.

Throughout his eyecare career, Dr. Murphy identifies that one of his greatest appreciations in life are his boys, with whom he continues to share experiences and adventures in skiing, white water canoeing, wilderness hiking and camping.

Message to Patients: “As a founding Doctor of this group of Optometry clinics, I have spent my professional life building an organization that is committed to eye care excel-lence. I aim to provide you best vision care solutions to protect and enhance your sight for life.”

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