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Dr. Bernadette Osiowy

Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, Dr. Bernadette Osiowy first ventured out of province to attend optometry school at the University of Waterloo. She graduated with her Doctor of Optometry degree in 1991. After graduation, Dr. Osiowy gained valuable experience practicing at several optometry locations in Ontario before returning west and settling in Calgary.

In 1992, Dr. Osiowy began working with our group by traveling from Calgary to our satellite location in Three Hills. From 1992 through 2006, she enjoyed providing eye care services for her Three Hills patients, as well as doing elementary school talks and eye care visits at senior care facilities in surrounding communities.

In addition to her weekly travels to Three Hills Optometry Clinic, Dr. Osiowy also began working at Health Plus Optometry in Calgary. Thoroughly enjoying both the eye care and business interests of these offices, Dr. Osiowy became a partner with the group in 1995. Dr. Osiowy helped to open South Calgary Eyecare and to acquire Sunridge Vision Centre in 2007. Together, these four clinics form our My Optometrist Calgary group.

Children’s vision development is a special interest for Dr. Osiowy. She’s provided many years of  children’s binocular vision therapy, and thoroughly enjoys treating and educating families about the importance of early vision care intervention.

She enjoys the intricacies and challenge of fitting specialty contact lenses for patients with keratoconus and other complex cases. Dr. Osiowy also has a special interest in helping patients with chronic dry eye, a condition that affects many Albertans of all ages.

Through Canadian Vision Care (CVC), our eye care charity of choice, Dr. Osiowy has donated time and talent to both fundraising and participating in projectsin Jamaica and Saint Martin. Her most recent project in Malawi involved working with Optometry students at the Mzuzu University  Optometry school that was funded in part by CVC.

Dr. Osiowy and Dr. Murphy are married and have one son. While enjoying introducing their son to an ever-growing list of interests including gymnastics, skiing, skating, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, art, and piano, Dr. Osiowy rekindled her own love of music and started taking piano lessons herself. She has since accomplished Royal Conservatory Grade five, and continues to enjoy playing in her spare time. She strives to keep up with the family in biking, skiing, and working out at the gym.

In October of 2016, Dr. Osiowy was recognized for serving 25 years in Optometry. She continues to split her clinic time between the Health Plus Optometry and South Calgary Eyecare locations. Whatever your vision needs may be, Dr. Osiowy is devoted to finding and providing the best solutions for you and your family. She enjoys seeing her returning families and sharing life’s rewards and challenges with them. She looks forward to providing many more years of vision and eye health care.

Message to Patients: “Your eyes are the window to your health. I love to guide my patients towards healthy choices for their eyes and general health needs. Selecting a nutritious diet with many fruits, veggies, and excellent sources of omega threes, along with appropriate exercise are important for optimal health! Make sure to wear sunglasses and keep balance in your life.”

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