Eye Exams in Calgary

Eye Exams in Calgary

Need an eye exam in Calgary? In order to ensure your eyes are as healthy as they can be, an annual eye exam in Calgary is essential and a key diagnostic and preventive measure to protect your eyes. Your vision is often something overlooked by those who don’t wear glasses or have a particular vision problem, but taking necessary precautions allows everyone to keep up with their eyes for any changes or developments that could occur with age and time.

When it comes to newborns, the six-month mark is usually when it is recommended to check their eyes, thereafter at age three and after five years of age it should be an annual routine. Once a person reaches adolescence, approximately nineteen years of age it may be advised to transition to annual and biannually or as recommended.

The cost of an eye exam in Calgary depends on where you get it done and whether or not the exam is performed by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist, the particular tests in the exam, and if you are being fitted for contact lenses or related services.

    A comprehensive eye exam Calgary has a few procedures that are required such as:

    • Overall review of family health and personal health history or history of eye issues
    • Distance and near vision evaluation via eye chart
    • Eye pressure test and optic nerve examination (rule out glaucoma)
    • Near vision testing
    • Test for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia
    • Eye exam on ability to work together (both eyes)
    • Exam of eye interior

    Interested in one of our eye exams in Calgary? Many people in Canada don’t get the proper eye care they need and that can leave them at greater risk of undetected vision problems. It is important to keep your prescription up to date as this highly affects your eye health and wellness. Ready for an eye exam in Calgary? Schedule an appointment today.


    3 Eye Clinics to serve you Better

    • Health First Optometry
      *new location for health plus and south calgary eyecare - now health first optometry!
    • Sunridge Vision Centre
    • Three Hills Optometry