Contact Lenses with Transitions

Contact Lenses with Transitions

Spring is finally here! Which hopefully means more sunshine and outdoor activities. (Who really knows with Calgary weather…) The sun gives us many benefits in life such as light, warmth, vitamin D, as well as a food source for plants.

However, the sun can be bothersome especially to those spending a lot of time outside. Those who play outdoor sports struggle to see, which causes squinting due to the glare from the sunlight. People who are light sensitive also tend to shade their eyes in the sun, turn down the screen brightness on computer or tablet, or just turn off the lights all together.

Wearing sunglasses is not always ideal when playing athletic sports as they have been known to fall off.

Health First Optometry is proud to offer the newest product on the market- Acuvue Oasis with Transitions. The first contact lens of its kind to change the way you view the world! Using special light intelligent technology, the contacts adapt to changing light levels, filter out the glare, and provide UVA and UVB protection. Wearing transitions could help to prevent cataracts developing later in life due to damaging ultra violet light. With over a decade in development, these photochromatic lenses are designed to serve and fit comfortably.

Available for biweekly use, these lenses come in both prescription and non-prescription options. Similar to photochromatic glasses, the contacts become slightly darker in response to ultra violet light, and returning to normal when indoors within 90 seconds. These extraordinary contacts are “always on”, meaning that the trillions of photochromatic integrated molecules are always at work- filtering light both indoors and outdoors.

“Starbursts” or “halos” are a common complaint with patients having difficulty driving when the sun goes down. Not only do these special lenses help with filtering the sunlight, it can also provide relief with driving at nighttime.

If you think you may be interested in contact lenses with transitions, stop by our office to discuss with your optometrist today!


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