• tiffany and co

      Tiffany & Co. has a timelessness that is not captured by many designers. Tiffany creates glasses with elegant designs for any occasion.

    • Ray Ban

      Ray Ban has a reputation for bringing back some of the most classic looks. Their products are known for durability, affordability, and style.

    • Tom Ford

      Tom Ford is a fashion icon that never fails to capture the latest trends. As a brand known for its modern energy, Tom Ford's eyewear collection is the perfect example of bold, American glamour.

    • Dior

      The legacy of Dior is based on European luxury and ready-to-wear fashion accessories. The creativity behind their eyewear is one of a kind.

    • Gucci

      Gucci glasses are one of the most glamorous accessories. Taking inspiration from Gucci's clothing line, these frames can enhance your everyday look.

    • Michael Kors

      Michael Kors has a distinctive collection inspired by the eyewear needs of contemporary women. The collection offers a variety of designs that suit every aspect of their busy lives.

    • Prada

      Founded in Milan in 1913, Prada has become one of the most iconic fashion labels in the world. Their selection of frames does not disappoint.

    • Maui Jim

      Maui Jim is a brand that aims to embody a classic look with a modern twist. It has lens technology that makes colours shine and details much crisper, while eliminating the glare of harmful UV rays.

    • Oakley

      As one of the pioneers of popular eyewear, Oakley paved the way for glasses with purpose. These glasses or goggles are designed for high performance in sports and outdoor activities.

    • Marc Jacobs

      Marc Jacobs is a brand known for making fun and vivacious fashion statements. The collection is funky, flirty, and eclectic enough for those with an invested interest in eyewear.

    • Kate Spade

      Kate Spade has grown increasingly popular because its style caters to a classy "everyday" look. It is the perfect combination of femininity and affordability.

    • Burberry

      Burberry eyewear designs have signature shapes and colours that vary each season. The signature burberry print can be found on most of their designer frames.

    • coach new york

      The collection of eyewear at Coach embodies a lifestyle that has stood the test of time. The style and design behind each pair of glasses, appeals to those who like understated glamour that can be worn every day.

    • emporio armani

      This Italian fashion house was founded on timeless haute couture designs. The iconic eagle logo on every pair of frames is a reminder of this brand's luxury.

    • dolce and gabbana

      As a symbol of Italian fashion throughout the world, Dolce & Gabbana proves its eyewear line is just as creatively eclectic as its clothing line.

    • dutz eyewear

      Dutz is a distinctive brand, known for its unique stainless steel and two-tone frames. Dutz glasses are competitively priced, while also being hypoallergenic and coated with Swiss lacquer.

    • Salvatore Ferragamo

      Initially a shoe designer, Salvatore Ferragamo has become an esteemed brand in the fashion world. Not only is the eye wear collection playful and colorful, but it captures details belonging to a chic heritage.

    • silhouette

      Silhouette eyewear emphasizes a level of practicality and durability. It is based on a simplistic idea of beauty and harmony, posing as a benchmark for style and comfort since the 1960s.

    • fysh

      FYSH is an eyewear brand that is widely identified by its theme of individuality and self-expression. FYSH frames are motivated by the natural beauty of the sea and latest fashion trends.

    • Fendi

      Fendi is a brand inspired by Italian boldness and is famous for its elegant designs. The brand aims to impress and captivate the attention of fashion lovers around the world.

    • lafont

      Lafont is known for its unparalleled expertise in eye wear. The brand has been around for over 90 years and is backed by a reputation that emphasizes Parisian elegance.

    • ray ban junior

      This widely popular brand is available for your kids! It provides the latest and greatest in eyewear, which includes the iconic Aviator, Wayfarer, and Clubmaster glasses.

    • guess

      Guess glamorizes youth and energy within their eyewear collection. It is a brand that never disappoints fashion mavens.

    • easyclip

      Easyclip is the brand that is perfect for children who are prone to breaking their glasses. These frames are durable, bendable, and known for thei magnetic clip-on glasses.

    • superflex

      Superflex Kids stands by its ability to provide glasses and frames that are "hot for tots". They add a unique flare to practical glasses and suit every child that wears them.

    • tmx

      Timex TMX eyewear provides a collection for preteens and young adults. Timex TMX has a variety of glasses that appeal to children who are both fashion-forward and sporty.

    • Nano Vista

      Nanovista is an eyewear brand with glasses made of thermo-adjustable material and exclusive patented siliflex material. These frames might be the perfect fit for your child.

    • kliik denmark

      This brand is an exclusive line of fashion-forward eyewear for men and women who appreciate budget-friendly designs.

    • evatik

      A bold brand that is internationally recognized for its signature sophisticated frames, that are both light-weight and high quality.

    • ogi-eyewear

      OGI is a brand focused on providing an affordable luxury in the form of colorful and creative frame designs.

    • seraphin

      Seraphin is a brand that reflects a contemporary and bold selection of eyewear for those who like a modern touch to their frames.

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