Refractive/Laser Surgery- Am EYE a Good Candidate?

Refractive/Laser Surgery- Am EYE a Good Candidate?

You may find yourself asking this question and before you ask- No, laser surgery does NOT make lasers shoot out of your eyes!

Before we can answer any questions, let us help understand what is involved with refractive laser treatment.

With both near (Myopia) and far sightedness (Hyperopia), the images that you are viewing do not correctly focus on the retina. In near sightedness, the images appear in front of the Retina, whereas far sightedness the images are focused behind. Astigmatism occurs when light has multiple focal points on the retina causing blur, headaches and distorted vision.

Certain treatments performed by ophthalmologists use a laser treatment to either reduce or increase the curvature of the corneas. Astigmatism may also be corrected by re shaping the cornea to be smoother and more symmetrical.

Your Optometrist can discuss whether you are a good candidate for laser vision (pew pew!).

You may wish to do your own research as well. Understand that refractive surgery most likely will not give you perfect vision- but near perfect. There may still be times when you would need to wear your glasses or contact lenses to increase crispness for near or distance.

Having a stable prescription that has not changed in a few years is key when determining your candidacy. The hormones involved with pregnancy can cause vision changes as well. It is advised to wait an acceptable amount of time after pregnancy to stabilize your prescription.

Cataracts, Glaucoma and other eye diseases may also play a factor in your eligibility.

While refractive surgery is highly successful, you must also consider the risks and side effects involved. It is crucial when researching an experienced surgeon. Aside from the costs, there may be a few details that could leave you “blindsided” including:

  • Constant dry eyes
  • Difficulties with night driving
  • “Starbursts” or halo vision
  • Chronic pain due to damage
  • Detached retinas
  • Those with a higher prescription may need to have the surgery a second time.

If you are still unsure if laser surgery is right for you, book an appointment with your Optometrist today to discuss referral options.


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