Eyewear Trends – Summer 2017

Eyewear Trends – Summer 2017

Summer is finally here, and nothing says summer like a pair of on-point glasses and sunglasses. Wondering what to think about when choosing your next pair of specs? We’ve put together some of the current and upcoming frame trends for the year, so if you’re on the hunt for new eyewear then read on!


Fashion is cyclical and it’s no different for eyewear. We’ve seen vintage style influencing modern designs this year – from muted colour palettes of pea green, pewter, muddled white and amber, to rich reds and shades of mauve. Throwback styles for men include classic wire rounds with chunky construction, ombré tints, unconventional materials, and classic brow lines and bridges. For women, making a strong statement is paramount, especially when it comes to sunglasses. This season’s sunwear pays homage to old Hollywood glamour and sophistication with bold silhouettes, creative use of materials like leather and animal prints, and unusual colour combinations.


These days, athletic eyewear can be worn for just about any activity. These frames offer durability, comfort, aerodynamic styling, and are often lightweight and bold in colour with prominent details. Sport sunglasses may also include clip-in prescription inserts and venting to optimize air flow and minimize condensation.

Coloured Lenses

There’s no better time than this season to think about branching out from the traditional grey, black, or brown lenses that we typically see in our sunwear. In fact, all the colours of the rainbow are fair game to add a little flair to your look. Popular again this year are blue and yellow lenses, but we’re also seeing more green, lilac and rose tints on this season’s pieces. Additionally, ombre lenses are quickly gaining in popularity (yes, that’s right, ombre is not just for your hair!), and adding a mirrored finish to any of these hues adds a touch of pizzazz.

Unconventional Shapes

Anything goes with respect to sunglass shapes, and that’s a trend we’ve seen all over the runways this season. Circular frames, both sleek and chunky, are particularly popular, and the classic cat-eye silhouette has really made a comeback this season. Flat-top, oval, and geometric (for example, pentagonal, hexagonal and asymmetric) frames can be flattering for any face shape and are a great way to make a statement. The timeless aviator is always a smart choice, and the double brow bar detail that we typically see on the aviator silhouette can also be found on all of the above shapes for extra visual interest. Lastly, if you love drama definitely go oversized in your favourite shape. Bigger CAN be better when it comes to your sunnies!


The minimal aesthetic has been on-trend from everything from fashion to home décor, and we’ve seen elements of minimalism in our summer sunglass options too. Whether you tend to dress in monochromatic tones, or if you prefer splashes of colour in your wardrobe, clear frames are a great way to make a subdued statement and complement your personal style. Other ways to achieve a similar effect include understated colours like nudes, grays, and ivories, or even going completely rimless. Perhaps less is more?

Hopefully, this guide has given you a little glimpse into the just a few options when it comes to your eyewear this season. For more inspiration, check out our SS2017 Lookbook, or pop into any of our locations and let us help you find something you love!

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