Does your child need glasses?

Does your child need glasses?

Child Need Glasses

Did you know that 80% of child learning and development is visual? There are many kids starting grade school with an undiagnosed vision or eye health problem which greatly impacts learning. All of this can be prevented with annual eye exams starting as early as 6 months! (That’s right, even your infant child can visit an optometrist!). Doctors use methods with shapes and pictures to examine your child’s focusing abilities and can detect for future problems.

In Alberta, the government health care system covers child eye exams up to the age of 19. All Albertans are covered for medical emergencies such as red eyes, infections or floaters and flashes of light.

Our trained optometrists can detect for a range and variety of eye developmental problems parents may not notice happening otherwise. These include:

  • Nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatisms.
  • Lazy eyes also called amblyopia. Weakness or low vision in one eye as a result of uncorrected vision during the beginning years of development.
  • Color vision deficiencies.
  • Cross eyes or strabismus. One eye can turn inward or outward due to poor muscle development. This can be corrected with exercises done at home. Ask one of our optometrists for details.

There are many signs and symptoms you can look out for that may indicate your child will need glasses. Frequent complaints of headaches, squinting to see the board in the classroom, and sitting close to the television are just a few of the most common warning signs. Even if children are experiencing problems, they may not realize it! They will believe that the way the world looks is normal.

Here at My Optometrist Calgary, we offer and recommend a program known as “Eye See Eye Learn”. All kindergarten aged children who require prescription glasses receive a free pair. It does not have to be your child’s first pair of glasses and they are eligible up until grade 1. You do not need a referral for this program. Simply ask your optometrist about “Eye see Eye learn” and we would be happy to help you and your family!


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