Choosing Between Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses

Choosing Between Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses

Have you been told that you need vision correction? Not sure if you should choose eyeglasses, contact lenses or both? When it comes to improving your ability to see, there are quite a few things to consider, things like comfort, convenience, and day-to-day activities can all have a big impact. Today, My Optometrist Calgary with locations in Calgary, Three Hills, and South Calgary is going to discuss the benefits of both:

Why Eyeglasses?

When it comes to vision correction, many patients find eyeglasses to be a reliable, safe and comfortable option. Eyeglasses are extremely easy to wear, maintain and clean along with being quite cost-effective in most instances. Some patients even opt just to put new lenses in their favorite frames each time it changes.

  • Eyeglass lenses can be customized per each patient’s specific needs.
  • Special coatings can be applied to lenses to protect from UV, blue light or other factors.
  • Eyeglasses help protect eyes from wind/dry eyes.
  • Eyeglasses help protect the eyes from debris/foreign matter.
  • At My Optometrist Calgary, we’d be happy to help you pick the perfect frames and lenses for your lifestyle, personality, facial features, and needs!

    Why Contact Lenses?

    For many patients, contact lenses can be a bit intimidating and tricky at first, however at My Optometrist Calgary we’d be happy to assist you with learning how to use and care for your contact lenses. With a bit of practice, many patients find contact lenses to be convenient and a more attractive option. Contact lenses must be replaced due to a specific schedule, neglecting to do so can increase the risk of infection and other complications.

  • Contact lenses provide a wider field of vision, reducing visual distortions.
  • Contact lenses do not get in the way of activities or sports.
  • Contact lenses won’t fog up or become dirty like eyeglasses.
  • Contact lenses can change your eye color!
  • Interested in trying contact lenses for vision correction? We’d be happy to find the perfect contact lenses for you and help you learn to properly use and care for them.


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